New Pokemon Snap: Scorched Fruit Request Guide

The Shockingly Well-Done request is rather deceptive. It’s one of the very first requests you get from Professor Mirror, and is meant to tutorialize the Request system in New Pokemon Snap. It’s possible that Shockingly Well-Done may be the first request you complete when you begin the game, but if you happen to progress into the higher ranks before finishing it, it can end up being a confusing request to complete. If you’re struggling to figure out who’s scorching the fruit, here is our step-by-step guide to completing the Shockingly Well-Done Request in New Pokemon Snap.

How To Complete The Shockingly Well-Done Request

Professor Mirror asks you to snap a photo of the Pokemon that keeps scorching the fruit, and the photo hint suggests that you’ll find the fruit (and the culprit) on the Florio Nature Park course during the day. Since this is the first course you’ll play in the game, it’s possible to complete this request as soon as you get it. In fact, it’s better to do this request early, as progressing too far will make the solution a lot more confusing.

Once you increase your rank on the Florio Nature Park course to Level 2 and 3, other Pokemon scorching abilities will start appearing. Some players may come to believe that they need to attract Scorbunny to the fruit in order to scorch it, or possibly even coax the nearby Wurmple over to shock it, but neither of these solutions is correct. The Pokemon responsible for scorching the fruit is Emolga, who you’ll find hidden in the tree directly above the fruit.

The fruit you’re looking for can be found just after the first bridge near the start of the course. There is no difference in placement between Level 1, 2, or 3, so feel free to finish this request whenever it is convenient for you. As soon as you cross the bridge you’ll see the indicator to scan. Scanning will highlight the fruit, reminding you that is the subject of the request.

To complete the request, all you need to do is throw a fluffruit directly at the pile of scorched fruit. Do your best to land the fluffruit directly in the center of the piles. If you’re too far off or if the fruit bounces away, you might attract the attention of Wurmple by mistake. If you manage to land the fruit close enough to the pile, all you have to do is wait and the Emolga in the tree will fly down and shock it. Snap a picture just as the sparks start to fly and you’ll have successfully completed the Shocckingly Well-Done Request.

It’s worth noting that getting a picture of Emolga as it shocks the fruit will be a four-star snap, but unless you’ve unlocked the ability to speed up, you’ll likely only get a picture of Emolga’s backside here. There’s a much better opportunity for a four-star just up ahead. All you need to do is light up the crystabloom flower and an Emolga will appear on the ridge above it. Snap a nice close-up of the sky squirrel Pokemon and you’ll have a high-quality four-star shot.

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