New Pokemon Snap: How To Unlock All Ranks In Blushing Beach

Blushing Beach is one of two New Pokemon Snap locations that open up after you successfully photograph a glowing Crystabloom in Founja Jungle (Night). Despite being a water-oriented level, Blushing Beach is also home to some non-Water types who don’t appear elsewhere in the game, making it a fascinating location that’s well worth exploring.

As with every other major location in the game, Blushing Beach’s day and night variants each have three ranks to unlock. Each rank adds new Pokemon, with rank three adding particularly rare fan favourites.

If you know Seviper is in the game but can’t seem to find it anywhere, you could potentially be playing at the incorrect rank. As a means of rectifying that, we’ve put together a handy guide on how to unlock every rank in both Blushing Beach (Day) and Blushing Beach (Night).

How To Unlock Rank One In Blushing Beach

As always, Blushing Beach (Day) rank one is the first version of the map that is automatically unlocked as soon as you visit the location for the first time. Unfortunately, you don’t unlock Blushing Beach (Night) until significantly later in the game when you unlock Durice Island, which is home to Shiver Snowfields and Outaway Cave.

If you’re curious about which Pokemon you can find in Blushing Beach’s various ranks, check out our complete lists of Pokemon in Blushing Beach (Day) and Blushing Beach (Night).

How To Unlock Rank Two In Blushing Beach

Blushing Beach (Day) rank two is acquired after you amass 30,000 experience points in rank one. As stated above and unlike most other New Pokemon Snap day and night variants, this does not unlock Blushing Beach (Night), which you’ll get after completing the Shiver Snowfields part of the main story.

How To Unlock Rank Three In Blushing Beach

Unlocking rank three simply requires you to fill out yet another experience meter, which can be done by rerunning the map over and over again. It can feel slow at times, but the grind is drastically easier if you aim to take as many photos as possible and ensure that you’re snapping every Pokemon available on the map. You should also focus on acquiring all of the star ratings instead of just going for four-star shots, because earning one, two, and three stars both fills out additional Photodex entries and increases your experience yield. The same applies for Blushing Beach (Night), although, again, you don’t get rank one of this map until after Shiver Snowfields.

Once you reach rank three you can also max out each Blushing Beach, although this doesn’t appear to change very much from rank three. If you don’t want to grind more and are purely focusing on advancing the story or filling out your Photodex, you should move on to either Sweltering Sands or Maricopia Reef, depending on the order of progression you chose after completing the Founja Jungle arc.

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