New Pokemon Snap: How To Get Suicune

Out of all of the Legendary Pokemon encounters in New Pokemon Snap, Suicune’s is by far the most difficult to trigger. It requires you to unlock not just one, but two alternate routes in Shiver Snowfields, as well as knowing how to summon Suicune as soon as you eventually make your way to the correct location.

This piece doubles as a New Pokemon Snap Suicune location guide and as instructions for unlocking both alternate routes in Shiver Snowfields. We’re going to focus on the latter first to make sure you can actually reach where you need to be to meet Suicune, and then we’ll describe the exact process you need to complete to trigger the encounter.

Here’s everything you need to know about where to find Suicune in New Pokemon Snap.

New Pokemon Snap: How To Get Suicune

Suicune is located in Shiver Snowfields (Night), although you need to play through the day version in order to open up the correct route to it. This guide will be broken into three parts: how to open the first alternate route in Shiver Snowfields (Day), how to open the second alternate route in Shiver Snowfields (Night), and where to find Suicune once you reach the alternate end location for this map.

New Pokemon Snap: How To Open The First Alternate Route In Shiver Snowfields

Here are all the steps for opening the first alternate route in Shiver Snowfields.

  • Load into Shiver Snowfields (Day) at rank two or higher.
  • When you spawn, there will be an Alolan Sandslash on a hill to your left.
  • Hit it with an Illumina orb and it will burrow underground.
  • Keep looking at your left and wait for Sandslash to pop up again on a different ridge.
  • Hit it with another orb.
  • Sandslash will now burrow through a snow wall to the right of the hill Swinub is trying to climb.

This unlocks the first alternate route in Shiver Snowfields, although there’s a snowstorm raging and it’s impossible to see anything – at least until we come back at night.

New Pokemon Snap: How To Open The Second Alternate Route In Shiver Snowfields

Now that you’ve opened up the first alternate route during the day, you can also use it at night. Here are the steps for opening up Shiver Snowfields alternate route number two.

  • At night time, turn into the first alternate route you unlocked during the day.
  • There will be a Crabominable on your right. When it moves to the tree on your left, hit it with an Illumina orb.
  • Crabominable will push snow down on a sleeping Abomasnow.
  • Abomasnow will whip up a small snowstorm in a rage.
  • Froslass will come out of the storm.
  • Take a photo of Froslass and it will lead you to the second alternate route.

Now that you’ve unlocked both alternate routes, you’re not far away from Suicune.

New Pokemon Snap: Where To Find Suicune

  • Travel through the second alternate route and you’ll emerge in a cavern.
  • At night time it has two Jynx in it, as well as some Vivillon and a few other ‘mons.
  • Leave the cavern and you’ll move out to the open sea.
  • There are some little islands of ice dotted around, but what you want to do is look for a Jynx sailing on an Avalugg – they should be directly in front of you.
  • When you find them, hurl Illumina orbs at them repeatedly until Suicune sees.
  • This will cause Suicune to run across the water from the right hand side.
  • Suciune will also reappear on top of a hill to the right of the teleportation point.

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