New Pokemon Snap: Flopping By The Water Request Guide

This is one of the most tantalising Requests in all of New Pokemon Snap. It implies that we can have Pigeot fly away with Magikarp in its talons, as long as we create the right chain reaction. We’ve even seen this in one of the early New Pokemon Snap trailers, but triggering it seems to be tougher than we may have imagined.

In this guide we’re breaking down exactly how you can complete the Flopping By The Water Request, which culminates in a beautiful swoop from Pigeot, and a bunch of photos to submit to Professor Mirror. This guide will walk you through every step you need to complete this Request, with pictures.

Just read on below for everything you need to complete the Flopping By The Water Request and make sure to check our complete guide to Requests in New Pokemon Snap to find more challenges to complete.

How To Complete The Flopping By The Water Request In New Pokemon Snap

This Request takes place in Florio Nature Park, during Park (Day). It doesn’t seem to matter which Research Level the stage is on, but we completed this task on Research Level 3.

The Request begins once you pass the Crystalbloom that summons the four-star Emolga picture, just before the Bidoof dam comes into view. While looking to the left here, a Pigeot should land on the hill, just above the Dodrio. First you need to bump the Pigeot with a Fluffruit in order to make it move.

Once Pigeot has been moved on, make sure to take the alternate route over the Bidoof dam. You should be able to see that the Pigeot you scared off flew to the top of the tree and landed there, lying in wait. When Piegot has landed and settled, throw Fluffruit at the Magikarp that is splashing in the shallow water. It will launch into the air, and Pigeot will take notice.

Now, this will be very fast, but Pigeot will fly off of the tree, and then swoop down to grab Magikarp in its talons. In order to complete the Request you need to photograph Magikarp, and this will be a four-star photograph. If you’re fast you can get an excellent picture.

If you can’t photograph Pigeot as it swoops, then you can still photograph it as it flies away more slowly into the distance. These photos might not be worth many points, but they will complete the Request regardless.

Once back at the lab you can hand these photos into Professor Mirror, which should complete your Request.

Rewards For Completing Flopping By The Water Request In New Pokemon Snap

Once you’ve handed in your pictures, return to your list of Requests and investigate the Request to complete it and grab your rewards.

The Flopping By The Water Request will reward you with a new sticker to decorate photos with. It’s, uh, it’s a blob? I don’t know, but that’s nice, I guess? Oh, I just read the name. It’s supposed to be an eye. Yeah, okay, whatever. Enjoy. I thought it’s was a crossover between Who’s That Pokemon and a Rorschach test.

Once you’re done, make sure to check our complete Request guide for New Pokemon Snap to complete those tricky Requests and challenges.

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