New Pokemon Snap: Every Pokemon In Shiver Snowfields (Day)

Shiver Snowfields is a location in New Pokemon Snap unlocked after successfully making your way through Fireflow Volcano, Elsewhere Forest, and Lental Undersea. Once you’ve collected Illumina orbs for all of these regions, you can head over to Durice, an all-new island that’s home to a variety of Ice-type Pokemon.

Like every other island in New Pokemon Snap, Durice has its own distinct roster of fan-favourite Pokemon that mostly can’t be encountered elsewhere in the game. Whether you’ve yet to visit or are simply trying to figure out whether you’ve already snapped ‘em all, we thought it would be helpful to put together a comprehensive list of every single Pokemon in Shiver Snowfields (Day), as well as where to find them and what rank they start appearing at.

As with all of our other guides, we aren’t going to relist ‘mons in higher ranks – for example, Furret is in ranks one, two, and three, but because it’s already listed in rank one, there’s no need to include it in the next two sections. Instead, each rank description will only feature the new ‘mons introduced in it. That being said, here’s your handy list of every Pokemon in Shiver Snowfields (Day).

List Of Pokemon In Shiver Snowfields (Day) Rank 1

  • Furret – Furret is likely the first Pokemon you’ll see on this map, with several of them appearing in the open area. There are also some in the middle section where lots of Mamoswine roam.
  • Beartic – A Beartic is chasing the Furret in the intro sections, while another one can be found sleeping near the teleportation point.
  • Swinub – Most of the Swinub at rank one are in the middle section of the map with their Mamoswine parents.
  • Cubchoo – Cubchoo is just around the corner in the introductory section of the map after Beartic but before going up the hill to Mamoswine. There are two of them.
  • Mamoswine – After passing the Cubchoo and going up the hill, you’ll see several Mamoswine moving around an open area. There’s also one right before the sleeping Beartic in the end location.
  • Skarmory – Skarmory can be seen flying around the opening area, but only barely. It’s easier to snap it when it’s perched on top of a cliff to the left of the main group of Mamoswine.
  • Vivillon (Tundra Pattern) – In the middle section, there’s a chasm with a sort of Northern Lights-esque color palette. Vivillon is clinging to the walls inside.
  • Snom – After you go down the hill from the Mamoswine area and enter the cavern you are forced to turn left, but you’ll see a small group of Snom if you look to the right first.
  • Snorunt – Snorunt are behind the main Mamoswine group right before the hill down to the cavern. There are also a few more in the cavern itself.
  • Glalie – Glalie is asleep in the cavern, towards the end on the left.
  • Piplup – Piplup can be spotted at the beginning of the map as well as in the end location. It’s difficult to miss.
  • Spheal – Spheal rolls about the end area like the blubbery ball of joy it is. Just like Piplup, you’ll spot it the second you leave the cavern.
  • Magikarp – Magikarp is swimming in the small pool of water on the right hand side of the final area.

List Of Pokemon In Shiver Snowfields (Day) Rank 2

  • Alolan Vulpix – Found in the final area playing with the other Pokemon.
  • Froslass – In the same spot as Glalie from rank one, who does not appear in rank two.
  • Weavile – In the intro area at the back, right after Beartic chases Furret, or to the left hand side of the Mamoswine area, slightly behind where you are.

List Of Pokemon In Shiver Snowfields (Day) Rank 3

  • Alolan Sandslash – When Beartic chases Furret, turn left and Alolan Sandslash will be standing at the top of the hill. Snap it fast before it does a weird front flip and tunnels down into the snow beneath it.
  • Glaceon – After you go through the main Mamoswine area, but before you go down the hill to the cavern, look on top of the cavern from the outside and you’ll see Glaceon. If you take a photo, it will also appear in the inaccessible icy pathway to the right of the end area later on.

And there you have it – every single Pokemon that can be found and photographed in New Pokemon Snap’s Shiver Snowfields (Day) level. The initial lineup isn’t all that great aside from Piplup and Skarmory, but everything that gets added in ranks two and three is amazing. Just make sure you keep your eyes peeled for Glaceon, as even with instructions it can be easy to miss if you’re not paying attention.

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