New Pokemon Snap: Every Pokemon In Florio Nature Park (Night)

Florio Nature Park (Night) is unlocked shortly after completing the day variant of the map, which serves as your official introduction to New Pokemon Snap. At this point you’ll probably know how to work a camera and have a fair idea of the kind of Pokemon who hang around here, although it’s worth pointing out that day and night versions of each map often have their own distinct rosters of ‘mons. Looking for Florges at nighttime? Sorry, not gonna happen. Vespiquen, on the other hand… well, it’s not easy to find, but it’s here.

Just like Florio Nature Park (Day) before it, Florio Nature Park (Night) changes several times throughout the game. It only has one proper route, making the Bidoof dam diversion mandatory to accommodate some particularly large sleeping Torterra, but rest assured each rank comes with its own lineup of nocturnal (or dozing) ‘mons.

It doesn’t matter if this is your first Florio (pronounced like rodeo – eh? eh?) or if you’ve been around the block loads of times already – here’s a complete list of every single Pokemon that can be found in Florio Nature Park (Night). As always, each rank only represents the new Pokemon added from the one before it, by which I mean most of the rank one ‘mons can be found in ranks two and three. If not, just go back to a lower rank – it’s really not that difficult.

List Of Pokemon In Florio Nature Park (Night) Rank 1

  • Scorbunny – Just like during the day, Scorbunny is well keen to show off once the sun goes down. It gets a bit more outgoing as the ranks go on, but generally tends to follow the same route as it does in the morning.
  • Bidoof – Chills out at the beginning of the map and by its dam. Once the dam is finished, you can throw a fluffruit at its bum to make it stick its head out the chimney (do dams have chimneys?) Anyway, this sets up a four-star shot – you’re welcome.
  • Bouffalant – Just sort of sleeps to the right of the entrance mostly. Tired from lazing about all day – I can vibe with that.
  • Pichu – Basically the same as during the day except it has naps next to Torterra. Very cute.
  • Grookey – I already mentioned in the daytime guide that Grookey never leaves Pichu’s side because they’re inseparable. Believe it or not, this applies to nighttime, too. Best friends forever.
  • Tangrowth – Chills out before the first bridge to the forest, usually. On higher ranks you can lob an Illumina orb at it to make it do some weird jump thing. Four-star shot if you catch it, but be careful: Tangrowth is surprisingly – and terrifyingly – fast.
  • Caterpie – Chills out in the forest and hides behind Taillow’s sign, which is Hoothoot’s sign at nighttime.
  • Hoothoot – like I said, it takes over Taillow’s sign. It’s also in the tree it sleeps in during the day, except it’s awake now.
  • Murkrow – In the forest after the first bridge, as well as on the far side of the lake in the middle section of the map.
  • Torterra – All over the middle section of the map. There are so many Torterra and they are enormous. Most of them are asleep. There’s also one or two in the meadow at the end.
  • Swanna – Either asleep in the lake or flying overhead. There’s also one in the stream before the forest, as well as another one swimming through the bridge to the left of the lake, just before where Tangrowth is during the day.
  • Ducklett – With Swanna literally all of the time.
  • Pidgeot – On the right of where you start. If you feed it fluffruit it will appear on the left of the middle section. Feed it again and it will fly down to you at the start of the meadows.
  • Pinsir – Literally underground in the forest, which will be pointed out to you via an environmental prompt. There’s also one who wanders around near Hoothoot’s sign.
  • Combee – In the meadow at the end of the map.
  • Magikarp – Basically in the same place as it is during the day, because apparently Magikarp never moves – or sleeps.
  • Dodrio – On your left at the start, near Pidgeot in the middle, and in the meadows at the end of the map.
  • Shaymin (postgame) – Best buds with Grookey and Pichu.

List Of Pokemon In Florio Nature Park (Night) Rank 2

  • Sylveon – Sleeping next to a Torterra at the far side of the lake. Look left after you cross the lake and it will be lying next to Pichu and Grookey, basically where Tangrowth appears during the day.

List Of Pokemon In Florio Nature Park (Night) Rank 3

  • Vespiquen – Hit the Crystabloom in the meadows and a nearby Combee will head off to fetch its queen. This might happen in earlier ranks, although it’s only worked in rank three for me so far.
  • Heracross – Similarly this has only worked on rank three for me so far, although it could potentially work in previous ones if the timing is super exact, or something. Hit the forest Crystabloom with an Illumina orb to wake up an underground Pinsir. Once it jumps up, scan the trees and a Heracross will fall out. It just lies there, dazed and confused, although this also causes another Heracross to spawn next to the Pinsir on the other side of the map, right before Hoothoot’s sign.

That’s every single Pokemon in Florio Nature Park (Night) – believe me, I have the Photodex sticker to prove it. There’s a little bit of messiness when it comes to some of the ‘mons spawning in different ranks, although you should be able to find basically any of them you want at rank three. The rarer ‘mons in New Pokemon Snap tend to be late game or postgame, so no Sylveon for you rankwunners, I’m afraid. Just be sure to bookmark this guide so you know exactly where to snap Sylveon once you do reach rank two – and be sure to check out our guide on how to take a four-star photo of every Pokemon in the game if you plan on adding a particularly snazzy shot of Sylveon to your album.

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