New Fable is definitely happening but won’t be at Xbox Showcase, says insider

An insider who claims to have heard info from Microsoft employees is confidently claiming that a new Fable game is in the works.

There have been rumours that a new Fable game is being made for years now, with the most recent ones coming from a new Twitter account registered to Microsoft.

There hasn’t been any hard evidence to prove it, but one insider has made the very bold claim that a new Fable definitely exists and is being worked on.

Games industry writer and former IGN employee Alanah Pearce recently appeared on the Kinda Funny Games podcast and, when asked about the Xbox Games Showcase happening this week, stated with confidence that a new Fable game is happening.

She says this is because she has heard from numerous Microsoft employees about the game’s existence, though she doesn’t know who’s making it and she doesn’t necessarily think it will be announced this week.

‘Well, I know Fable is being made. I’ve said that a few times, it’s not been announced, but there’s just too many Microsoft employees have told me on the sly cause I’m excited about it.

‘So I’ve had a bunch of people, like there was like five of them – and I was like, ‘Look if it was just one of you I wouldn’t be openly talking about this, but so many of you did this, that I’m just going to tell everyone.’’

She did suggest that Forza Horizon studio Playground Games could be developing it. Playground may seem like an odd choice to be making a game like Fable, but there was similar talk back in 2018 when it was discovered it was hiring for an open world action role-playing game.

While claims such as is shouldn’t always be taken at face value, Pearce’s insistence and willingness to attach herself to this one could mean her info is accurate.

Even if it’s true, though, there’s no sign of an announcement happening any time soon, meaning we could still be left waiting a long time for Microsoft itself to confirm anything.

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