New Blood Announces Its April Fools Joke, DUSK ’82, Will Be A Real Game

April Fools day is typically a very frustrating day to be a fan of games. Developers and publishers usually go to great lengths to make “reveal” trailers for titles that will never see the light of day, despite being quite excellent looking. 2021 was rather restrained in this regard, but publisher New Blood Interactive teased a retro demake titled DUSK ’82 on April 1. Morphing the FPS into a roguelike game, anyone that was excited at the idea doesn’t need to sigh in despair: DUSK ’82 is very much real.

The screenshots shown last week were all 100% accurate. DUSK ’82 will be something of a roguelike akin to Chip’s Challenge or Sokoban and will task players with navigating through mazes to collect keys and push blocks. Since this is DUSK, you will also have an assortment of weapons to blast monsters with.

Since New Blood doesn’t half-ass anything, DUSK ’82 will launch with a level editor, have custom soundtrack support, a full set of Steam achievements, and even feature Steam workshop integration. The Steam store page teases that two other ASCII-based games will be included. That may just end up being the original Rogue for all we know.

I didn’t quite expect DUSK ’82 to actually release, but it’s nice to see New Blood isn’t playing with fans’ emotions for new titles. The publisher has put out hit after hit and cultivated something of a cult following around its games. Now that the fandom is there, we’re likely going to start seeing some real weird shit coming from them. I can’t wait.

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