New Back 4 Blood Trailer Reveals Every Playable Character

The upcoming co-op zombie shooter Back 4 Blood has a brand new trailer, this time showing off all the new playable characters and their abilities.

Turtle Rock Studios’ Left 4 Dead successor was delayed earlier this year and is now set to release in the month of Halloween on October 12. In it, you’ll be playing as a Cleaner, one of eight, and each sport their own unique bonuses. That’s the big difference between Back 4 Blood and its predecessor – each character matters, and that’ll no doubt form its own unique meta.

Listed below are each of the characters.

  • Holly. Recovers stamina with kills and increases team damage resistance and stamina. 
  • Hoffman. Extra offensive slot, increased team ammo while also causing enemies to drop ammo.
  • Mom. One bonus team life, ability to instantly revive, extra support slot.
  • Evangelo. Breaks out of grabs, and increased team movement speed and stamina regeneration.
  • Jim. Precise kills up damage, ADS speed, and bonus team weak spot damage.
  • Walker. Precision kills up accuracy while team damage and health are increased.
  • Karlee. Extra inventory slot, bonus team speed, able to detect hazards.
  • Doc. Health healing bonus, increased healing speed, and team trauma resistance.

Each Cleaner sports their own passives and unique abilities such as being able to break out of grab attacks, and these will undoubtedly cause players to plan and strategize synergies when getting into the gib-and-gore action.

In essence, Back 4 Blood is a splice between Left 4 Dead and the hero shooter genre, like merging Valve’s own Team Fortress with the hit co-op zombie title that dominated childhood memories and Xbox disc drives.

However, while plenty is being revealed from enemies to gameplay to weapons to Cleaners, there appears to be more on the horizon. Come October, all will be available for players to see and then dip their toes into.

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