Need For Speed Unbound: Top Tips For Evading The Cops

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In Need for Speed Unbound, one of the major aspects of the game is evading the cops and keeping your heat level managed. This is easier said than done though. In Unbound there are multiple tiers to the heat system, bringing with them harder and tougher police vehicles as the level rises.

When you have been grinding race after race, saving up the big bucks for that car you want, or to enter the big qualifier at the end of the week, the last thing you want is to get busted. So, if you are struggling to keep the police off your tail, these tips should help you out.

The Heat Levels

In Unbound you have five heat levels that increase the difficulty the higher you go. You gain heat levels when you complete races – some give you higher heat than others. You can also gain heat from crashing into the police and starting a chase.

When you crash into a cop car but don't wreck it, your heat level returns to what it was before the chase, upon escaping. Your heat level will rise for the chase though, depending on how long it goes on.

Heat Level

Cops Alertness

Tips For Evading


They will be aware of you driving around but will not pursue unless given a reason.

The interceptor vehicles can be easily destroyed, so wreck them to escape. They are also slow, so travelling at high speeds and taking quick turns will help escape.


Police will be searching for you, and if you're in their sights for too long, you will be noticed and chased

A stronger SUV is deployed to ram you off the road. They are easily lost through speed though, as they are not that quick.


You will be noticed quickly and there will be more cars that join the chase. This heat level can quickly turn into heat level four.

You need to be quick and smart in how you try to shake the cops. Cause them to crash and make quick, last second turns to escape. Stronger and faster interceptor cars will join the chase, and you are not going to be able to outrun them, so outsmarting them and getting them wrecked is the est option.


You will be noticed immediately if seen and police helicopters are deployed to track your movements. Undercover police will also now join in, so be on the lookout.

The helicopters are hard to escape, but going into a tunnel and breaking the line of sight for long enough will help. But you'll have to lose the cop cars before attempting this.


At this point staying out of sight of police will be near impossible. They will be on high alert and the strongest vehicles will now join the chase.

When you see police pickups with stars above them chasing you, get the hell out of there. These trucks are very strong, and you cannot wreck them yourself, unless you trick them into crashing at speed. They are quick, but you can outrun them if you drive fast enough. Quick turns and speed is your only hope, and do not let them ram you.

Bear in mind that the higher the heat, the stronger the cars are going to be. Each car will have a badge above it, showing how tough they are. Familiarise yourself with which ones are easier to wreck and which you should stay clear of.

Other Tips For Getting Away From Cops

One of the best ways you can get away from the police, even on heat level five, is to cause chaos. By driving erratically and causing regular traffic to swerve and get in the way, you are able to cause the chasing cops to crash and potentially wreck. Even if you do not successfully wreck them, you can at least give yourself time to escape.

Another way to escape is via stealth, this isn't something you always think of when playing a driving game, but it works. By finding a hidey hole or dark area that the police haven't seen you enter, you are able to stay out of sight, you can even stop and turn the engine off. This actually reduces the time it takes to escape for added benefit.

Before you turn your engine off, you need to ensure you were not be noticed. If you were, getting started again is slow, and could get you busted.

If you do manage to get the escape timer up on the screen, and you are on heat level four or five, then it is recommended to head straight for a safe house. This is because it is so easy for a chase to be reinitiated on these heat levels, risking trying to get to a meetup is not worth the loss of cash. Also by going to a safe house, you can escape instantly when on the escape timer, instead of having to wait for the timer to run down.

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