My favourite Game Boy games – Reader’s Feature

A reader looks back at Nintendo’s first portable and picks some of his favourite games, from obvious classics to more obscure selections.

Nintendo as a corporation has managed to survive the test of time, with its numerous consoles and impressive line-up of games. The first portable Nintendo console that I owned is the original Game Boy. The Game Boy had a ton of games and these are five of my favourites.

Super Mario Land

One of the best Nintendo platform games I have ever had the pleasure to play on this system. I was given this as a Christmas present, along with the portable console. Mario is one mascot Nintendo has had tremendous success with and this game had enemies that you had to jump on, as well as having to collect coins and various power-ups in each level. The awesome soundtrack made it great to enjoy, even on your hi-fi. The game was also highly replayable, as it felt really fun and interesting to me as a kid and I would often find myself going down the pipes and listening to the theme for a while before going back up.


This puzzle game challenged you to make full lines while using different shaped blocks, with little time to do so. Of course, each level would get more challenging, plus this was one of those games where you could play with a friend using the Game Boy’s link-up cable. The music of Tetris is also very memorable. Tetris will always be among my greatest Nintendo games of all time, as this was one of the first games I played on the Game Boy.

Double Dragon

One of the best fighting games on this system, which got me into the entire Double Dragon series. Playing as Billy and Jimmy Lee you had to fight your way past enemies and some challenging bosses. You could also use weapons and even had to work your way through challenges like jumping over pits on one stage, which to me made this game fun to play.


This is one shooter that I have actually really enjoyed playing on the original Game Boy, as you had a lot of fun making your way through the stages and fighting off enemies while trying to get your score up. This made it really challenging for me and along with its great music it did add a lot of fun, while taking on the bosses at the end of each stage added a bit of thrill to the game. This ensured that for me the game was always addictive in a good way.

Gremlins 2: The New Batch

Fans of the movies will know about the main character in this game and as a platformer, it’s one of the best on the Game Boy and one I personally enjoyed playing back in the 90s. Not only did you have to make your way across the stages but the boss fights were also a lot of fun. You also had a cool mode where you had to hit the punching bag so many times to gain an extra life. This was pretty challenging and fun to try, as Gizmo training and hitting a punching bag was pretty hilarious back in the day.

By reader gaz be rotten (gamertag)

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