MultiVersus Mod Adds Breaking Bad’s Gus Fring And Saul Goodman

Two new MultiVersus mods bring Breaking Bad's Gus Fring and Saul Goodman to the game.

One of the most popular MultiVersus memes out there is that fans want Breaking Bad's Walter White to join the game, a request that has even gotten the attention of several developers working on the game. This is despite the fact that Breaking Bad isn't even owned by Warner Bros., a fact that hasn't stopped fans from making wishlists, renders, and even mods adding him to the game.

It isn't just Walter White that gamers want to see added to MultiVersus, however – it's seemingly the whole cast of Breaking Bad. One of the most popular memes to come out of MultiVersus is one that sees Los Pollo Hermano's manager Gus Fring standing with the rest of the game's cast, something that led many to believe he was actually in the game. Although this wasn't true, GameBanana modder DrZebi has decided to let life imitate art and add him to the game as a character swap mod.

The mod places a custom Gus Fring model, which looks very in line with MultiVersus' art-style, over Arya Stark, letting players play as the wholesome manager for themselves. It's a shame all that bad press keeps claiming he's a drug lord, eh? On the mod, DrZebi said, "I will update this mod with custom color for teams and custom audio when I have the time", so it looks like it could get even more complex later.

Gus Fring isn't the only other Breaking Bad character being modded into MultiVersus, either. GameBanana modder IX_Productions has decided to add everyone's favourite slimy lawyer to the game as a character swap for Shaggy, even replacing Shaggy's sandwiches with a law book. Stuck in a multiversal battle against powers far beyond your control? Better Call Saul!

Both mods are available to download now from GameBanana, and pair well with the Walter White mod that we featured last week. Now we just need someone to add Jesse to the game, and we'll basically have the Breaking Bad brawler we always dreamed of.

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