MultiVersus Is The Steam Deck’s Top Game Over The Past Week

Valve has revealed that MultiVersus was the most-played game on the Steam Deck over the past week.

MultiVersus has seen a very successful launch over the past few weeks now that it's entered its Open Beta, being so successful that players were even able to get over 10 million ringouts within a few hours to unlock a new Rick and Morty stage. It seems that MultiVersus has found particular success with one console, however.

As revealed by the official Steam Deck Twitter account, MultiVersus was the most played game on the system over the last week, going off of daily average users. Seemingly out of nowhere, the Steam Deck Twitter account said, "We love seeing what games folks play on Steam Deck vs Desktop – for example, these are are the top 10 titles of the past week on Deck", before listing the 10 games, including MultiVersus at the top, then Vampire Survivors and Stray in the next few spaces.

Thanks to Steam Database, we can actually see the stats for ourselves. As of the time of writing, there are over 56,000 users currently playing the game on Steam, with an all-time peak of 153,433. As we reported during the game's launch, that all-time peak meant that MultiVersus actually had more concurrent players than every other fighting game combined.

What's most surprising about MultiVersus' success on the Steam Deck is that it's actually not even Verified yet. When games launch, Steam will give them each a different state of verification on the Steam Deck depending on how well they work on the console, including "Verified", "Playable", and "Unverified". MultiVersus sat as "Unverified" for most of last week, before being switched to "Playable" fairly recently.

Thankfully, despite not being officially verified by Steam, reports from players using the Steam Deck to play MultiVersus have been positive so far, with no big issues to report. Considering its massive success, it's likely that it'll have some kind of official verification by Valve in the near future.

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