MultiVersus Is Teasing A Dog Event Of Some Kind, Likely Related To Reindog

Player First Games is teasing something to do with dogs for MultiVersus and, despite hopes that it's a character reveal for Scooby-Doo, clever reverse-engineering of the image shows that it seems to be some kind of event related to the game's mascot, Reindog.

Yesterday, Player First Games tweeted out an image that simply said the word "Dog", with the hole in the 'o' shaped like a heart. Alongside the image, Player First Games said, "Something really cool is on the horizon. Here is a sneak peak! Can you guess what it is?", which seemed like a hint that it was something big.

Although in retrospect the heart is an obvious clue that it's related to Reindog (who has a heart above his head at all times), many MultiVersus fans instantly assumed that "dog" was teasing Scooby-Doo being added to the game. It's worth remembering that most MultiVersus teases end up having to do with the character roster, so it was a safe bet that this was too.

To make matters even more confusing, Player First Games then tweeted out an emoji showing a dog with a bone, which instantly called to mind Scooby-Doo, instead of Reindog like it probably was meant to. Look, if you're teasing Reindog, chuck a reindeer emoji in there or something, yeah?

It looks like there's no need for speculation on what the team is teasing, however, as graphic designer alsojoshjackson managed to reverse-engineer the image and discovered that the full teaser says "Make it Rein-Dog", confirming that it's something to do with Reindog and not Scooby-Doo.

That just leaves the question of what is actually being teased here. A few of the suggestions so far include a new in-game event that lets players earn more coins (like the phrase, 'let it rain'), official MultiVersus merchandise being released, or an animated short of some kind. It's not clear from the brief tease which of those three it'll end up being, but at least we know now that it's not Scooby-Doo related.

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