MultiVersus: Every Assassin Character, Ranked

The Assassin class are MultiVersus’ glass cannons. These characters have deadly high damage and speed, but sadly also have poor health and can’t take more than a stiff breeze. Specifically, all Assassins can do 14 percent more damage, making agility and combos their forte. Like the mage class, their specials are used to corner and evade the enemy. Batman, with his smoke bombs and batarangs was originally classified as an assassin, but he was changed to a bruiser as it doesn't make sense that the dark knight would take so much damage.

For fighting game rookies, playing an Assassin may leave you exasperated, as you need to balance dodging with staying in the ring. Their short range makes aggressive close combat a must, so thankfully their quick attack speeds give the opposition little time to dodge or think before they've been hit by a combo attack. Unlike the more defensive Bruisers and Tanks, relying on brute force will swiftly run you out of the ring. Instead, quick fingers and clever thinking is the key to keep your opponents disorientated and fumbling for a foothold.

3 Harley Quinn

The infamous clown princess of crime is a slippery trickster and a mischievous menace on the battlefield. She causes damage and chaos with bomb traps and the crack of a baseball bat. She is a more accessible Arya Stark but in the right hands, her sticky bat-bomb and balloon mines can be used to set up deadly combos. Even combo newbies will find that Harley’s speed and hard-hitting homerun swinging makes her a joy to play. Skilled Harley players are intimidating opponents, with four potential dodges while in the air, a massive mallet swing as her down air and an up air that can juggle and kill enemies.

As Harley Quinn has super short cooldowns and fast standard attacks, combos are the aim of her game. Harley can open a combo with a blast from her traps and then transition into beating the poor player into the burning debuff and heavy damage. Once you have finished a combo, try using her down air or her recovery to ring-out the opponent. She pairs well with other zone controlling characters like Bugs Bunny, Tom & Jerry and also tanks like Wonder Woman, who can boost her defense. But though all this takes time to master, new players shouldn’t be cowed by the high skill ceiling of her combos, as swinging her bat and dodging can be enough to take out even the heavy tanks.

2 Arya Stark

The most complex of the assassins, Arya can backstab and morph into enemy characters like Kirby in Super Smash Bros, but unlike the doughy pink blob, Arya has a throwing knife. If this throwing knife strikes an enemy, the cooldown is reduced and her flying kick towards the enemy makes her untouchable. Combined with her high attack and movement speeds, precise knife throwing can amount to massive combos.

Arya’s short range and focus on precise slices with her sword, needle, make for a highly aggressive, close-combat character. Like Harley Quinn, Arya’s focus is on combos with clever set-ups and quick executions. Surprisingly, making ring-outs with Arya spawns a pie that both slows and heals enemies. When an opponent does take the pie to heal, Arya can pounce on the slowed prey to deliver a swift combo.

Paired with critical hits to enemy backs and Arya can be the perfect finisher after a bruiser has tenderised the competition. Her up special and up attack combo are two easy means of knocking out your nemesis.

1 Finn

In Adventure Time, Finn the Human is a treasure seeking adventurer and what better way to implement this than have him collect gold? Fly kicking and sword slashing the enemy team will cause gold coins to fly off them for Finn to collect. With more coins, Finn's special attacks deal more damage, and he can buy buffs for his team from Choose Goose. For five hundred gold, Finn can buy a speed boost, for six hundred he can get Buns of Steel to deflect projectiles and for a whopping one thousand gold, Finn can buy BMO. With BMO, Finn's down special changes to BMO Chop! This attack is devastating, but you only have one chance to land it before you must save gold and buy it again, so use it wisely.

Although he may seem superficially similar to a Super Smash Bros. sword user, Finn has a unique passive ability that means his attacks can charge passively. Backing off to charge your attack and then saving that big slice attack for the right moment can be the perfect killing blow to take out high damage players or to finish the end of a long combo. This passive-charging mixed with his mid-range sword hitboxes make Finn a perfect entry point into the assassin class for bruiser and tank players. If you decide to try Finn then try out his down air, it's a deadly chop which can spike recovering players into an early ring-out.

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