MultiVersus Director Says Next Patch Will Address Infinite Combos

MultiVersus is in early access at the moment, meaning that the game is constantly getting tweaks and changes to important mechanics such as the combat system or how certain characters work. For example, the developers recently implemented a pretty significant change to character hitboxes, vastly improving the game's hit detection and making matches much fairer as a result.

MultiVersus director Tony Huynh has revealed that another significant change to the game's combat system will be introduced in the next patch (thanks VG247), as Player First is looking to potentially remove infinite combos. If you're unfamiliar with the term, "infinite combos" are essentially long combos that a player can pull off that their opponents can't counter or dodge out of. They can be used to rack up ridiculous damage and particularly talented players can even knock out an opponent from 0 damage.

In response to someone on Twitter who shares a video of themselves getting absolutely battered by Harley Quinn, Huynh reveals that the game's next patch will make it so players can no longer spam the same moves in combos without them dropping. He first explains that moves can only be used twice in the same combo, although he later clarifies that this was a typo and he actually meant three times. It could drop down to two though as Player First will keep "evaluating" the system after the change goes live.

As for what else will drop in the next MultiVersus patch, it was recently announced that Stripe will be joining the roster at some point this week, although a specific release date hasn't been announced just yet. We've also yet to see the game's highly requested Ranked mode added as well, so it's possible that the next two patches that Huynh described as "really big" could include this mode as well.

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