Mortal Kombat Creator Ed Boon Wants To Return To Shaolin Monks

Mortal Kombat turns 30 this weekend, and its creator Ed Boon has prepared for the occasion by fielding questions from fans of the long-running series. Well, actually, Boon welcomed questions about anything. The Mortal Kombat questions rendered some of the most interesting answers though, including the reveal that Boon wants to revisit the Shaolin Monks spin-off.

When asked if there will ever be a Shaolin Monks 2, Boon replied “god I hope so”. It wasn't the only question he was asked about the spin-off either. Another Mortal Kombat fan asked where the Shaolin Monks remaster or sequel is right now, to which Boon replied “in the NRS vault”. Further confirming that once upon a time, NetherRealm was almost definitely working on reviving the game, whether it be via a better-looking version or a completely new installment.

Boon teasing and talking about a new Shaolin Monks game goes all the way back to 2013. The Mortal Kombat creator teased an HD remake of the game in October of that year, admitting a year later that the idea had been discussed. Those teasers never came to fruition, and plans for a sequel years before that, which would have reportedly been focused on Scorpion and Sub-Zero, never really got off the ground.

Boon has also admitted Shaolin Monks is the best Mortal Kombat spin-off in his opinion, so it makes sense that he would be keen to introduce the game to a new generation of fans. What's interesting is Boon's answer to requests for various other remakes and remasters. During his most recent Q&A, he appears to think 20 years is enough time to have passed for a remaster to be worth NetherRealm's time, whereas he doesn't think it would be worth remastering Mortal Kombat 9 since it is only 11 years old.

There's hope among some MK fans that NetherRealm will make a big announcement this weekend to celebrate the series turning 30. Boon has already attempted to temper expectations by making it clear the studio's next game will not be revealed as part of the celebrations.

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