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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak brings hunters to the new Elgado base, where you must help its residents to overcome a calamity produced by a mysterious force driving monsters out of control. While progressing through the game you will face numerous foes and challenges, some of them more difficult than others. But whether they're large monsters or elder dragons, you will always have something to do while trying to take your hunting skills to the next level.

As you try to make your way through Sunbreak, you will have to take care of different quests and missions. One of the many Side Quests in Sunbreak is the "Bag A Barioth" Side Quest, which will see you heading into battle in order to capture a Barioth. Successfully completing this side quest will award you with a new armor set for your hunter, and here is everything you need to know about it.

Bag A Barioth Side Quest

After progressing a fair bit into the main story of Sunbreak, Admiral Galleus will give you this side quest, which involves capturing a Master Rank Barioth. You can either go solo, online, or on a Follower Quest, but regardless of the method you must capture the Barioth and it has to be a Master Rank one, otherwise, it won't count for the objective.

Given Barioth's weaknesses and resistances, it is highly recommended to use a Blast or Fire-based Bludgeoning weapon to have an extra advantage against this powerful monster, and once you're done with that, go back to Elgado and the Admiral will give you the rewards, involving a new armor set for your character.

Bag A Barioth Side Quest – Rewards

The reward for completing this quest is the Scholar Armor Set blueprint, which you can build using Elgado Tickets and a variety of monster materials, bones, and minerals. This set will give you the following armor skills:

  • Evade Window Lv. 5
  • Mushroomancer Lv. 3
  • Divine Blessing Lv. 3
  • Good Luck Lv. 3
  • Horn Maestro Lv. 1

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