Monster Hunter Rise: How To Farm Quality Wyvern Egg For Only The Good Eggs

Clearing through Side Quests in Monster Hunter Rise can be incredibly beneficial, as we’ve outlined in our Most Important Side Quests guide. Many of these quests will offer you brand new weapon types as rewards, upgraded dango, and much more.

If you’re an experienced hunter, then you’ll already understand how important eating dango is before a quest in MH Rise, and you can see our recommended dango in our guide here. As such, Yomogi The Chef’s requests will unlock even more powerful dango that give you new abilities and resistances in the tougher monster fights you’ll face in High Rank.

In this guide we’re going to break down how to complete the quest Only The Good Eggs which you receive from Yomogi once you’ve entered the last few ranks in the Gathering Hub. Only The Good Eggs will have you seeking out Quality Wyvern Egg – two of them. That’s a tough request seeing as this is a delivery quest, but with this guide you’ll get those eggs home in no time.

How To Find Quality Wyvern Egg In Monster Hunter Rise

Quality Wyvern Eggs are actually quite simple to find in MHR, and if you’re in High Rank then you’ve probably passed by the nest multiple times in the Shrine Ruins. The only thing is, this nest will only actually offer up Quality Wyvern Eggs if you’re taking part in a High Rank quest, and understandably if you’re in a High Rank quest you will probably have other things to worry about than slowly delivering some heavy items.

Luckily, by the time you get the Only The Good Eggs quest you should have unlocked Expeditions from the Gathering Hub Quest Menu. These Expeditions can still be undertaken solo, but they’ll actually include High Rank quest items and monsters. So make sure to undertake an expedition to the Shrine Ruins from the Gathering Hub menu.

Once you’re in the Shrine Ruins, it’s time to head towards Area 11, which is up on the cliff in the Northeast corner of the map. The nest is in the top corner of this area, just beware that wyverns often stay near the nest, including Rathian.

Quality Wyvern Egg Location

  • Location – Shrine Ruins
  • Area – 11

How To Farm And Deliver Quality Wyvern Egg

Farming this item is all a matter of patience. This is a delivery item, so simply heading to this gathering node and tapping on it repeatedly won’t help you. Instead you have to take the large, heavy item – which will slow you down – all the way back to your main camp at the Southern edge of the map. From North to South, at a sloth-like pace.

We have a guide here that specifies the fastest way to deliver these heavy items, but the basic idea for this particular nest is that you should try to go through areas 11, 9, 7, 3, 1, back to the Main Camp so you can stow the Quality Wyvern Egg in your Supply Box. You should avoid Large Monsters and Small Monsters, as their roars and attacks will have you drop your egg and break it.

Jumping from a cliff will also break your egg, even if your landing is safe. This means that first big cliff should be taken very slowly, the rest of the distance can be covered by using your Wirebug to jump, and then zip forward, which will take you a fair distance each time, making it a much better way to travel than running back to the Main Camp.

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