Monster Hunter Rise: How To Farm Outfit Vouchers

Outfit Vouchers are probably the new material you need in Monster Hunter Rise, right? Yeah, I knew it. For those that don’t know, Outfit Vouchers are precious tickets that are required to craft Layered Armour, which we have a guide to here. Layered Armour is essentially cosmetic-only armour that allows you to look however you wish while hunting.

All Layered Armour requires Outfit Vouchers to craft, and some of them need three Outfit Vouchers per piece. When you need five pieces for a full set, you can see how the cost adds up fast – and you won’t get more than three vouchers when you start the game, either.

If you need Outfit Vouchers, then we’ve got the information you want. In this guide we’re going to break down all of the methods we know of that allow you to get Outfit Vouchers, so you can grind your way to a full set of armour – don’t forget your buddies, too!

Gathering Hub Quests

One way to earn Outfit Vouchers is by focusing on Gathering Hub quest – specifically seven-star quests or higher. These quests will often reward you with Outfit Vouchers, so your first goal should be to try and clear through any seven-star quests you have remaining.

If you’ve already smashed them all, then make sure to help friends and go online to help others. You can use the Join Request function at the Quest Board in the Gathering Hub to join anyone’s quest in progress.

If a certain monster you need materials from has a seven-star quest available then you can get both goals done at once.

Rampage Quests

Rampage Quests are another great way to earn Outfit Vouchers, though you will once again need to focus specifically on seven-star Rampage Quests, as lower rank quests just won’t be enough. If you need specific Rampage materials or you just have some quests you haven’t attempted yet, now is a great time to get on and grind them out since you can get better rewards than ever before.

Amiibo Abuse

You can, potentially, get Outfit Vouchers from scanning amiibo – though this has to be the least likely way to acquire Outfit Vouchers in MH Rise.

You can scan amiibo by visiting Kagero the merchant, and he will allow you to scan any amiibo you own – though Monster Hunter series amiibo will give more useful one-time rewards. After you scan an amiibo you will get an amiibo Lottery to assign you a few random items, and yes, it’s possible to get Outfit Vouchers here. You can scan amiibo three times per day, allowing you three chances at the lottery. If you need more items and money, including Outfit Vouchers, then it’s worth doing daily.

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