Monster Hunter Rise: How To Farm Gargwa Eggs For An Egg-Cellent Idea?

Monster Hunter Rise has a lot of mysterious materials with odd requirements, whether that’s High Rank, or carving a specific monster you’ll seldom ever see. Well the Gargwa Egg might be one of the oddest, up their with the Kelbi Horn.

Gargwa are chubby birds, like ostriches or the dodo, and hitting them in a specific spot will have them drop a material, which often will be a Gargwa egg. But if you just go up and kill one to carve it, you will never actually get a Gargwa egg.

For all of the information you need on acquiring and delivering a Gargwa egg in MH Rise just read on below. We’ve broken down everything you need to know about finding Gargwa, getting the egg drop, and delivering it for the “An Egg-cellent Idea?” quest.

Where To Find Gargwa In Monster Hunter Rise

The Gargwa birds are usually pretty friendly and docile, unless you start attacking them. You can find them throughout the Shrine Ruins, usually in areas near the river. If you’re lucky, you may even find Gargwa in area 1, very close to your Main Camp and the Supply Box you will need to deliver the eggs to.

If you can’t find them in area 1, try moving up the river towards areas 2 and 6, and then follow it all the way up to the source of the river. If you don’t get lucky, keep tracing the river and other parts of the map until they spawn – it may take until night falls.

Gargwa Location Breakdown

  • Location – Shrine Ruins
  • Areas – 1, 2, 6

How To Make Gargwa Drop Eggs In Monster Hunter Rise

This is a bit unusual, but Gargwa will not drop their eggs from carving them or killing them, instead you have to hit them in a specific spot, and so I recommend using the light hit from your Palamute buddy to make this easier.

Sneak up behind the Gargwa in the Shrine Ruins, and use the Palamute’s attack to tap the back of the Gargwa. Do it in the right spot, and they’ll drop a material. You will be able to tell whether or not it’s a Gargwa Egg from the shape of the material.

Obtaining Gargwa Egg From Gargwa

  • Strike the Gargwa on its back lightly to have it drop monster material

Delivering The Gargwa Eggs In Monster Hunter Rise

Gargwa Eggs are not like standard monster materials, instead they’re more like large delivery items, and you’ll need to carry them back to the Supply Box in order to actually deliver it. Yes, this means you can only do one at a time.

We have a guide here for easily delivering large items in MHR, but all you really need to know is that you can use your wirebug to move quickly, and you should definitely attempt to avoid large monsters, as their roars can make you drop and break your egg. Jumping from cliffs is also a bad idea for the same reason.

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