Monster Hunter Rise: How To Farm Bloodrun Jewel

The Bloodrun Jewel will become an important crafting material when you start min-maxing your Monster Hunter Rise builds in the end game. Bloodrun Jewel is an essential material for crafting decorations for your armour, and these gems will become essential to making ideal builds, ready to take on the Apex versions of powerful Monster Hunter creatures.

If you are aiming to craft yourself a powerful build ready to take on all of the High Rank quests and end game monsters, then you will need ideal, specialised builds, and Bloodrun Jewels are essential for that.

The only thing is that it’s really not obvious how you can earn them. It isn’t from ore veins, and it’s not from carving up monsters like the Basarios, either. In this guide we’re going to be breaking down all of the known ways to earn Bloodrun Jewels in MH Rise, so scroll down and read on for the lowdown you need to prepare yourself for the toughest quests ahead.

High Rank Quests

This is by no means guaranteed, and the drop rate is actually fairly low, but you have a chance of getting Bloodrun Jewels from High Rank quests. This basically includes all six-star and seven-star quests. If you’re still making your way through all of the quests in the game and need some Bloodrun Jewels, you should focus on these late-gate quests in the Village and Gathering Hub menus.

Helping Out On Low Rank Quests

This might be the best way to earn Bloodrun Jewels, and not just because it makes it much easier and faster for you. Bloodrun Jewel has a good chance to appear in the Help Rewards section for completing the Low Rank quests of other players. You can simply target any Low Rank quest in the Join Request section of the Quest Board and keep grinding away at them to earn plenty of Bloodrun Jewels.

But naturally, the biggest challenges offer the biggest rewards, and if you want to earn as many Bloodrun Jewels as possible with each attempt, then you should be working with Low Rank players to clear Narwa, the Thunder Serpent that acts as the final boss of Monster Hunter Rise.

Rampage Quests?

Unfortunately we can confirm that you won’t be earning any Bloodrun Jewels from MHR’s Rampage quests, so there’s no point in grinding against those for this material.

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