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Updated by Dave Aubrey on April 6 2021.

Monster Hunter Rise is finally here after what feels like an eternity of waiting. Monster Hunter World came out a full three years ago, and the portable hunting veterans have felt left out in the cold ever since. Now, with Monster Hunter Rise, the game has returned to portable systems while bringing with it what people love about its console counterpart.

MH Rise is bigger than ever before, with more detailed environments, far more movement options, more ways to ambush foes, and even brand new attacks to keep monsters at bay. On top of all of those amazing hunting upgrades, we also have the new Rampage quests, which brings a strategic tower-defence style flavour to the usual hunting proceedings.

In Sergio Solórzano’s review of Monster Hunter Rise he said: “It’s a shame that the Switch holds the game back in small ways, but this is a contender for best in the series. If post-launch support is as good as it was for World, this game could easily rise above the rest.”

In this guide we’re going to tell you absolutely everything you need to know about Monster Hunter Rise. We’ve separated our guides into sections below, pooling together all of the knowledge we’ve gathered about MHR in our time playing the game pre-launch and beyond. Just take a look below for everything you need to know about the biggest Nintendo Switch game of 2021, Monster Hunter Rise.

General Tips And Tricks

These are the general tips you need to know before jumping into Monster Hunter Rise. We’ve got some basic advice on capturing monsters and using new mechanics that you need, in addition to things you may not have noticed, like the intricacies of how Wyvern Riding works.

  • How To Take Pictures With The Camera
  • Everything You Should Do Before Setting Off On A Quest
  • How Wyvern Riding Works
  • How To Capture Monsters
  • Multiplayer – How To Team Up With Friends And Strangers
  • Free Title Update 1.1.2 Full Patch Notes Breakdown

Hub, Village, And Rampage Quest Tips

Hub, Village, and Rampage quests are all very different, and take on different roles in the story. While the Hub quests focus on multiplayer, Village quests focus on a story experience. Rampage quests are different, tower-defence style missions where you defend Kamura Village from an onslaught of monsters. We have all of the details for those right below.

  • How To Play Rampage Quests
  • Locations Of All Sub Camps
  • Cultural Exchange – How To Unlock The Second Submarine
  • All The Differences Between Hub And Village Quests
  • How To Complete Delivery Quests
  • Where To Find The Rhenoplos Egg And How To Deliver It
  • Where To Find Uroktor And Uroktor Scales
  • King Rhino, Rock Roses, And Bismuth Prisms For Economic Stimulation

Weapon, Armor, Skill Tips

MH Rise has dozens upon dozens of different pieces of armour and a huge variety of weapons to keep you switching up your style. Deciding between them all and managing your skills can be tough, but with these Monster Hunter Rise guides you’re sure to breeze through.

  • How To Use, Change, And Get More Switch Skills
  • All 14 Weapon Types Explained
  • 4 Easy Recommended Weapons For New Players
  • Armor Skills Explained

Best Equipment For Tough Monster Fights

Monsters have select weaknesses, and if you go into battle with the wrong loadout, you can find yourself very disappointed very quickly. A monster may shrug off your attacks entirely, especially if you’re using an element they’re strong against. Here we’re going to break down the best weapon and armour suggestions for the biggest and toughest monsters in the game.

  • Best Weapon And Armor To Fight Aknosom
  • Best Weapon And Armor To Fight Bishaten
  • Beat Magnamalo, Weaknesses And Best Equipment
  • Beat Zinogre, Weaknesses And Best Equipment

Palico And Palamute Buddy Tips

Your Palico and Palamute friends are essential companions, whether that’s because of how helpful they can be in battle, or how well they farm items for you while you’re busy. Whatever it is you want them doing, you’ll find tips for it below.

  • Guide To Hiring And Levelling Palamutes And Palicos
  • How To Unlock And Equip Buddy Skills And Gear

Item Farming Guides

Gathering items is a massive part of Monster Hunter, whether that’s from monsters, or from plants and gathering nodes scattered throughout the world. If you want to upgrade your weapons and armour to the final tiers, then you need to take a look at these item farming guides.

  • How To Mark Gathering Nodes On Your Map For Fast Farming
  • Best Way To Farm Monster Materials
  • How To Farm Machalite Ore
  • How To Farm Sinister Cloth
  • How To Farm For Warm Pelt
  • How To Farm Icium And Gracium
  • How To Farm High Quality Pelt
  • How To Farm Quality Fin
  • How To Farm Bloodrun Jewel
  • How To Farm Quality Stomach
  • How To Farm Speartuna
  • How To Farm Novacrystal

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