Monster Hunter: 10 Biggest Monsters, Ranked By Size

One of the biggest appeals of the Monster Hunter series is it gives the players the thrill of overcoming seemingly impossible odds. In every single Monster Hunter game, you are given the chance to fight against crazy herculean monsters which take minutes, even hours to defeat. When you finally overcome these giant monsters, the rewarding feeling you earn from that is intoxicating.

Capcom seems to be very aware of this, which is why they’ve blessed the players with a handful of incredibly massive monsters that are difficult to deal with. These monsters are way bigger than the biggest animal on Earth today, and some are even bigger than the biggest animals to have ever walked the Earth. That idea alone is tantalizing, and learning about just how big they are adds to the level of excitement of fighting them in their respective games.

10 Safi’jiiva – 48m

The Safi’jiiva stands at a whopping 48 meters in size, making them almost twice as big as an average blue whale, the biggest animal on Earth. This large creature is an Elder Dragon that was introduced in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.

Looking at this creature, they don’t look that different from your average fictional dragon. It absorbs energy from the environment itself, which allows it to heal its wounds, while also changing the ecosystem around it.

9 Najarala – 51m

The biggest Najarala is approximately 51 meters in size. This creature is a snake wyvern. Its long serpent-like body is laced with sturdy orange-yellow plates, mostly in its back and tail, covering a bright green skin underneath.

This massive creature likes to burrow underground, attacking unfortunate, unsuspecting hunters from below. This makes it insanely dangerous considering how massive this creature is. It can also stun enemies by vibrating its scales intensely. Once stunned, the Najarala will wrap its massive body around its victim.

8 Ceadeus – 58m

The Ceadeus is an underwater Elder Dragon introduced in Monster Hunter 3. Its size tops at 58 meters. This enormous creature is highly dangerous. Thankfully, the Ceadeus mostly keeps to themselves, leaving humanity alone, unless they are provoked.

The Ceadeus’ appearance resembles more of a giant whale than a dragon. Its organs are luminous, which also turns from blue to red when aggravated. The creature’s head has two massive horns, which grow to a point that it overtakes their eyes, turning them blind.

7 Dire Miralis – 63m

The Dire Miralis is an immensely towering creature. It stands at about 63 meters in size. It is a semi-aquatic Elder Dragon. Its body is filled with magma pools, which also flow to certain parts of its body. The Dire Miralis can shoot powerful and deadly magma balls out of the wings on its back, which is seemingly useless in terms of flight.

This creature is territorial and highly aggressive towards those who enter its territory. The only known place where a hunter can encounter the Dire Miralis is in the Tainted Sea. It was introduced in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

6 Lao-Shan Lung – 70m

The Lao-Shan Lung is a monster introduced in the very first Monster Hunter game. This Elder Dragon maintains the appearance of a typical dragon, only made distinctive with its monumental size. It has a copper-red body, with various protruding spikes all over its body.

While the Lao-Shan Lung doesn’t have a specific elemental ability, its massive size is more than enough for it to smash through villages, towns, and sturdy forts.

5 Jhen Mohran – 111m

The Jhen Mohran is a massive Elder Dragon that lives in the Great Desert. This creature is known to be relatively peaceful unless they are harmed. Once provoked, this 111-meter herculean creature will find no troubles using its body as a powerful ramming device. It will also throw stones off its back.

The Jhen Mohran has a long, serpentine body. Its body is covered in sturdy scales, which can be torn off if attacked enough.

4 Dah’ren Mohran – 114m

The Jhen Mohran isn’t the only incredible Elder Dragon hunters should worry about when traversing the Great Desert. Another creature that has made the Great Desert its home is the Dah’ren Mohran, which is just a little bit bigger than the Jhen Mohran at 114 meters.

The Dah’ren Mohran massive whale-like body is covered in hard armor scales. Its features are rougher than the Jhen Mohran. It also features a long, massive spike on its face, which it uses to smash obstacles.

3 Zorah Magdaros – 258m

If a volcano was sentient and could move around, it would perfectly describe the Zorah Magdaros. This incredibly massive and powerful creature stands at 258 meters in size. It is an Elder Dragon introduced in Monster Hunter: World.

This creature is also covered in a layer of mystery. Its migration is baffling to the Research Commission. There is one thing they do know: the creature must be eliminated to prevent it from causing unthinkable destruction in the New World.

2 Dalamadur – 440m

The Dalamadur, otherwise known as the Serpent King Dragon, is one of the biggest monsters to ever grace the world of Monster Hunter. Its massive 440-meter body is converted entirely in sharp, spiky scales. It has the head and face of a snake, with red eyes, and fangs.

This creature also seems to have the power of fire, which it uses to fend off hunters and other hostile creatures.

1 Laviente – 450m

If you want to know how it feels like to fight an actual mountain range, face off against a Laviente. The Laviente is the biggest creature you can ever encounter in the Monster Hunter series. At 450-meters long, this colossal monster is the stuff of nightmares. While not much is known about the Laviente, it is widely agreed upon that they are very aggressive creatures.

The Laviente is located on Solitude Island. This is, as of now, the only place where this giant creature can be found.

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