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We added new codes on January 21, 2023!

Welcome to Monkey Tycoon! This is a classic Roblox tycoon game all about collecting bananas and monkeys. The more bananas you earn, the more monkeys you can unlock, and eventually you can merge those monkeys to become bigger and better. Can you collect the highest tier monkey on the server?

We check for new Monkey Tycoon codes every day, which means you don't need to go hunting for them yourself. We check that they're working, so you can always get the latest rewards.

Monkey Tycoon Codes





Loads of free monkeys & higher tier monkeys

Active (NEW CODE)

Roblox codes are case-sensitive – that means you need to be careful when you enter the code, because if any capital letters, numbers, or punctuation are different, the code won't work and you won't get your freebies.

How To Redeem Monkey Tycoon Codes

  • Load up the game & claim your tycoon
  • Hit the Codes button on the left (shown on the picture above)
  • Enter the code and enjoy!

Does the code not work? Check your spelling (and capital letters, etc!), and if that still doesn't work, the code might actually be expired. Don't worry! New codes are added frequently, so check back soon.

What Are Monkey Tycoon Codes?

Monkey Tycoon codes are free rewards that are given out by the developer (Team Blue Monkey, funnily enough) to celebrate like milestones, events, and to give freebies out to their community. So far, codes are mostly redeemed to give you free monkeys – it's a great way to get your tycoon rolling and off to a good start! The game is still very new which means there are probably lots more codes on the way.

How To Get More Codes

New codes are typically posted in the Discord server under the Announcements tab, although if you want to find the codes easily in one place (and know that they're working!) you can always check our page.

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