Minecraft Player Creates Real, Near Life-Sized Bookshelf Block

Minecraft’s bookshelves are hardly practical given that the books seemingly conflict with one another on each side. However, they’re certainly a welcome addition to the game, making an enchanting room all the better. One dedicated fan has gone as far as to bring the bookshelf to life.

“The box is made of plywood with 256 1.5 by 1.5 by 1/8 inch wood tiles per side I cut with a table saw,” LiamOco123 revealed, “The books are also made of wooden tiles, I just painted over those. It’s hollow on the inside.”

It’s not quite life-sized, but it’s damn close, sitting at two-thirds of the actual one-meter cube. At any rate, it takes Minecraft’s graphics to the next level. Who needs ray-tracing when you have real lighting? Although, you’re not likely to be able to store any actual books in it.

Getting the color right required the use of various types of wood, those being birch, alder, poplar, walnut, and cherry, with the books, as said prior, being painted. Building a whole room of these with an enchanting table would probably be a bit much, though, and it’d certainly take up far too much space. Still, it’s worth it for that fire aspect, knockback sword.

As for where the poster can actually put this in their home – well, that’s a tough one to crack. At the least, it could make for a pretty cool bedside table for your lamp, tablet, charger, phone, and whatever else you need in the morning.

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