Microsoft Flight Simulator release news: Closed beta taking off in July

Microsoft Flight Simulator is inching towards its final release date with fresh news this week about the game’s upcoming Alpha and Beta tests. The MFS is still expected to land sometime in 2020 but there is still plenty of testing to be done before that happens. And the good news is we now know more about when those new opportunities to play Microsoft Flight Simulator will be arriving.

According to a new development post, the next MFS Alpha test will be kicking off next week.

This will mean Microsoft sending out new codes to people who have signed up to the Insider programme.

And on the same day, we will also find out when the tech giant will be hosting a Microsoft Flight Simulator closed beta.

For now, we only know that this is scheduled to happen during July 2020, and closer to the end of the month.

More news will be revealed when the Microsoft Flight Simulator Alpha kicks off on Thursday, July 9.

MFS Alpha 5 will be kicking off next week, and the launch will also come with detailed patch notes on what has changed since the last build.

Here’s what Microsoft has told fans so far about its plans next week, adding in a new online blogpost:

“The team is finalizing preparations for releasing Alpha 5 on July 9th. Full build notes will be posted with the release.

“We are still on track to release the Closed Beta in late July. Once Alpha 5 has been released, the team will begin preparing Closed Beta for release.

“Targeting 07.09 to provide an official release date for Closed Beta.”

It seems likely that you will need to be a member of the Microsoft Flight Simulator Insider Program, so here are a few details on what that means:

What is the Microsoft Flight Simulator Insider Program?

The Insider program is the way Microsoft Flight Simulator fans and community members can collaborate with our development teams to improve the simulation, experience, and services. As an Insider, you will have the opportunity to provide feedback and insights that help shape and inform current franchise initiatives and the future of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

What are the benefits of joining the Insider Program?

Insiders will answer short surveys, have access to private forums and receive exclusive weekly newsletters. Moreover, Insiders will have exclusive opportunities to participate in Technical Alpha and Beta tests of in-progress Microsoft Flight Simulator releases and provide feedback to the development teams.

Does becoming an Insider guarantee I will participate in the Preview Build Program?

Our goal is to ensure that everyone participates in the Preview Program. But that doesn’t mean everyone will participate in every build of the Preview Build Program.

Each build will have a unique set of goals and areas of focus for the development team. To achieve our goals and objectives per build, we will target specific Insiders who may align with those goals for that specific build. Providing your DxDiag will help ensure the Microsoft Flight Simulator Team is able to match you with the most Preview Builds possible. Once selected, your participation is extremely valuable to the team and we encourage and appreciate all time/feedback provided.

I am only interested in joining the beta; do I have to register to the Insider Program?

We will utilize the Xbox Insider Hub as a means of delivering the game content and important information thus participants will need to be a member of the Xbox Insider program and have the app installed on their PC.

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