Metal Max Xeno Reborn: How To Defeat Death Deliverer

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The first WANTED monster you'll encounter in Metal Max Xeno Reborn is, surprisingly, not the weakest. On the contrary, Death Deliverer is one of the most brutal monsters to defeat in the early stages of the game's campaign. Therefore, if you haven't already, we recommend taking on a weaker monster, like Gun Taurus, before pursuing this battle.

However, if you've worked through other WANTED monsters, built your party, and equipped some dangerous weapons, you may be ready for this fight. In that case, and we will stress this heavily throughout this guide, the key to defeating Death Deliverer is to fight it with plenty of anti-air capable weapons.

What Do You Need To Know About Death Deliverer?

Death Deliverer looks like what would happen if a drone and a Goodyear blimp could make a baby. This monster is gigantic! Furthermore, it is mighty and will take out unprepared monster hunters in seconds. However, its 23,000 G bounty is worth the struggle!

Here's what the WANTED monster database has recorded concerning this flying mechanical beast:

"<Hunter's Log>

Nameless: A killer drone? I dunno…

H086: It's real, I tell ya. Spotted around the Toyomi Well.

H091: Damn it. Can't hit that thing without anti-air capability.

Nameless: That was pretty scary…But it fled. Was it spying on us?"

Furthermore, the Monster Library cites these stats:

  • Description: "A SoN-class monster, among the worst of the worst. It flies at low altitudes to pursue and pick off survivors."
  • EXP: 280
  • Gold (excluding bounty): 416 G
  • Elemental Effects:
    • 50% Electrical Weakness
  • Dropped Items:
    • Deliverer Core
    • Deliverer Cannon
    • Killing Core
    • Where Will You Find Death Deliverer?

      As the WANTED monster records suggest, Death Deliverer resides near Toyomi Well. Once you enter the well, you need to travel northeast. Then, make a right up the roadway ramp.

      Once you drive up the ramp, you need to continue down the path of the decimated road. So, you'll make a right turn first. Then, once you reach the intersection covered by debris, make a left. Anticipate a battle with an Unmanned Tank at this intersection. Then, you can take them down with one of your cannons in shooting mode without risking engagement.

      Once you make the left turn at the intersection, continue driving toward the bridge. You'll see Death Deliverer above the bridge patrolling the area. Death Deliverer flies a path in a straight line perpendicular to the bridge. Therefore, if you're not ready to fight it, wait for it to fly over the bridge and then cross to avoid it.

      If you wish to engage with the monster, you must position your tank almost directly below the drone to attack it in shooting mode. Then, the battle will begin.

      In our travels, we noticed that Death Deliverer does not appear at nighttime. Therefore, if you wish to travel through Toyomi Well without risking engagement with the monster, you should sortie in the evening. However, if you wish to battle with Death Deliverer, you should sortie in the morning.

      What Weapons Should You Equip?

      As we mentioned before, the most important weapons you can equip are anti-air capable weapons. In this regard, any machine gun will do. Furthermore, long cannons are also anti-air capable, making them vital options. Unfortunately, there aren't many anti-air S-E weapons, so we recommend re-modding those vehicle ports to suit cannons or machine guns.

      Several trait chips will significantly assist you in battle. Machine Gun Rush is a must-have since it lets a vehicle fire all its machine guns at once. Furthermore, we dedicated a whole vehicle to machine guns and equipped it with Machine Gun Rush for this battle. This modification allowed us to attack with the power of five weapons in one turn.

      If you want to dedicate a vehicle to wielding machine guns, as we did, then we suggest using the M-Buggy. This vehicle chassis has the least load capacity, making it ideal for lighter weapons like machine guns. Additionally, we recommend equipping this vehicle with a robust engine since its base armor is a meager 300 SP.

      Machine Gun Support, another affordable trait chip, will improve your machine guns' performance. So, it makes sense to equip.

      Lastly, while it's a pricy option, we highly recommend equipping the Anti-Air chip. This trait chip grants anti-air abilities to the weapon equipped in port one. When using the Anti-Air chip, equip a high-damage weapon, like a powerful cannon or S-E, to port one of the vehicle. These changes will get the most out of this useful chip.

      Elemental properties are another consideration to make when equipping weapons for your battle. Anti-air electric weapons, such as Thunderbolt, are a strong choice. Additionally, you can use the Anti-Air chip to grant anti-air capabilities to a powerful electric cannon or S-E.

      However, vehicle modifications are not the only investments you'll need to make before fighting Death Deliverer. Repair items such as spare armor, damage repair kits, and wreck repair kits are necessary to endure the damage your tanks will incur from this monster.

      Even healing items, like recovery drinks, energy shots, etc., are vital if one of your party members gets ejected from their vehicle. Party members also risk damage when leaving their vehicle to use a repair item, which makes healing items doubly important.

      How To Defeat Death Deliverer

      The Death Deliverer battle is straightforward if you properly prepare for it. In short, it's a test of endurance. Most important is tracking your party's damage so you can repair vehicles before they become undrivable. In addition, keeping your anti-air weapons in fighting shape is crucial.

      Having a high-level Pochi with tons of HP is also a boon since it will sometimes take damage in place of one of your tanks. We would never advocate for something like this in real life. But, yes, we are suggesting using a puppy as a shield. Sorry.

      Driving out of the monster's attack range is the last resort option that's best if you have a fallen party member or you need to repair a vehicle before it enters a non-propulsion state.

      However, creating distance is the only way to perform an effective retreat in this fight. While there are nearby debris piles and buildings in the surrounding area, they don't provide cover since Death Deliverer attacks from above. Your best bet of evasion is reversing back down the roadway you came from as fast as possible.

      Still, it's crucial to note that there's a strong possibility that Death Deliverer will not return for battle after your retreat. Like Manzappa, this monster will not stick around if you engage and disengage with it too many times.

      What Weapons Can You Craft From Death Deliverer Parts?

      Besides a Killing Core, Death Deliverer also drops a Deliverer Core. This part is crucial for crafting the Deliverer Cannon, a high-damage S-E with Beam properties. Here is some more information regarding this weapon.

      Deliverer Cannon

      • Cost: 1,000 G
      • Materials Required: 1 Deliverer Core, 2.70 t High-tech Scrap
      Weapon Stats
      Attack Power700
      Weight3.12 t
      Range (1)120m
      Range (2)Circle Medium 1 Shot
      Hit Rate+28%


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