Max Unveiled As Next Character For Streets Of Rage 4: Mr. X Nightmare DLC

Dotemu, Guard Crush, and Lizard Cube Games have released a new trailer for Streets of Rage 4’s upcoming DLC, Mr. X Nightmare, and it confirms a suspicion that most fans had. Max Thunder (who made his debut in Streets of Rage 2) will be jumping into the fray to knock some heads in Wood Oak City.

For anyone that has played through Streets of Rage 4, you’ll likely see this as an obvious inclusion. Max was featured as a boss character in one of the later chapters of the main story. With his character sprite already updated and a ton of moves recreated in Street of Rage 4’s incredible art style, it would have been criminal to keep him out of the new DLC.

Instead of being simply the old-school character with a new look, this version of Max is packing a lot of moves he didn’t utilize in his boss fight. For one, he can now jump off walls to bodyslam opponents. He’s also got some pretty rad looking screen-clearing move that gives meaning to his surname.

It’s great to see another classic character given a makeover, especially one with a playstyle that wasn’t represented on the main roster. As I suspected last time, Max’s inclusion also likely points to Shiva being the final character for this DLC pack. He’s in a similar situation to Max, having been present in a previous installment and given the boss treatment in 4. If those three make up the additional characters, this DLC will definitely be worth grabbing.

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