Mass Effect Legendary Edition’s Galactic Readiness Will Take Into Account ME And ME2 Progress Instead Of Multiplayer

Today, we got a good, hard look at what’s changing in the upcoming Mass Effect remaster, set to arrive May 14. Community manager Jay Ingram revealed combat changes, Mako improvements, modernization tweaks, and totally new gameplay elements that were never in the original games.

He also talked about one of the things that needed a complete rework. The Galaxy at War portion of Mass Effect 3 used to require that players go online and level up their multiplayer characters sufficiently to increase their Galactic Readiness stat. Well, that or talk to Garrus on the Mass Effect App. A lot.

Neither the app nor multiplayer are returning in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, so how does one prepare themselves for the final showdown against the Reapers? Do the sidequests.

Galactic readiness is now measured by how much content you complete in the trilogy. “If you only play Mass Effect 3, you’ll have to do just about every option available in the game to be eligible for an ending that doesn’t result in massive galactic losses,” writes Ingram. “Playing the first two games and carrying over your progress is the most reliable way to get good results in the final hours of the Reaper War.”

Ingram said it is at least possible to get sufficiently high Galactic Readiness to get the good ending by just playing Mass Effect 3, but he strongly implied that you’d have to do every bit of content and do it just right. On the other hand, playing through the first two games and doing some of the side quests will put you in a good place heading into Mass Effect 3.

Oh, and Mass Effect Legendary Edition’s ending is the Extended Cut from Mass Effect 3. That’s the one that BioWare put out as a free update after players revolted over how awful the game’s original ending was.

You’ll definitely want to read up on how the combat has been changed in the original Mass Effect if you plan on starting from the beginning. Oh, and Shepard can now sprint outside of combat, which is a great QOL change. You can read the whole list of changes over on the PlayStation Blog.

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