Mass Effect: Bring Down The Sky Walkthrough

Bring Down the Sky was one of the DLC packs for Mass Effect but it is automatically included in the base game as part of the Legendary Edition. This content sees Shepard becoming more acquainted with the Batarians on Asteroid X57. Like the main story missions, the location for this assignment will be flagged on the Galaxy map.

You’ll have to disable three fusion torches on Asteroid X57 in order to avoid a collision with a nearby human planet called Terra. However, at the end of this assignment, you’ll be faced with a moral dilemma that echoes in the following games in the series.

Bring Down the Sky Walkthrough

Go to your Galaxy Map and head to the Exodus Cluster, Asgard System, then select Asteroid X57. A cutscene will play as you land with someone contacting you to ask for your help in disabling the fusion torches.

When you land on the planet, immediately turn around and head towards the building shown on your mini-map (not your overall map) and examine the body you find there (this is for the Missing Engineers assignment).

Next, head towards the closest Fusion Torch and as you get near, you’ll notice a number of turrets will start firing at you. These turrets only become uncovered/vulnerable to attack when you are close enough, so take them down carefully before heading into the base.

Inside, you’ll be faced with some Batarian mercenaries and their varren. Take them all out, grab the loot from the room at the rear of the building, and then head upstairs to disable the first fusion torch. This will lead to another conversation with Kate, the person who contacted you when you first arrived.

As you leave the base, you’ll meet with Simon the Chief Engineer. He’ll talk to you more about the dire situation, will warn you that the second Fusion Torch is surrounded by live blasting caps, and also ask you to find the missing engineers for the X57: Missing Engineers assignment.

X57: The Missing Engineers

On your way to the next Fusion Torch, stop by the Transmission Tower and interact with it to discover the location of three survey stations that you need to visit to find the location of the missing engineers.

You should already have one, but the locations of all three engineers are shown below with white targets (the final engineer’s body is found east of its survey station):

Head towards the next Fusion Torch, you’ll get another communication from Kate on the way. Take out the turrets while staying clear of the blasting caps, then get out of your Mako and approach on foot. Even when on foot, these blasting caps will go off, so you still need to be careful when passing them. A sensor will appear on the screen when you are too close, so just mitigate this and make your way to the base. If you set one of the explosives off, it will be instant death.

There will be some enemies to take care of just outside the base’s entrance, watch out for the Batarian Rocket Soldiers in particular, and then you can disarm the blasting caps at the panel near the door. Once this is done, head inside.

There are more Batarians to take out and a few drones this time too. Get rid of them all, grab everything you can loot, and then head upstairs to disable the Fusion Torch. Kate will contact you again and you’ll hear her get captured by the Batarian. A short cutscene will then play.

Head towards the final Fusion Torch and take out the turrets before heading inside. Kill the Batarians and Varren, grab your loot, and then head upstairs to disable the torch. On your way back down, you’ll be met with a group of Batarians — don’t fire at them immediately as you can talk your way out of this if you want to.

You can Charm or Intimidate Charn into leaving, or you can face him and his men in battle. For the record, you will be fighting more than the Batarians you see as Charn will call on more support and it can be a tough fight, but the experience points are worthwhile. Whatever you do, you’ll end up with a pass to the main base.

Head to the main facility in the north and take out the many turrets there, some of which are on rails, before heading into the building. If the grenade box and aid station weren’t enough clues for you, you’re about to head into a hefty battle with Balak’s men and drones.

Go upstairs when you’re ready and take out all the enemies, after which, a cutscene will begin with Balak where he threatens to kill the hostages if you don’t let him leave. You will be faced with two choices:

Let Balak Leave and Save the Hostages

  • Result: Balak leaves, but you still have to disarm three explosives in this building (a timer will be ticking on screen) and deal with a couple of pesky drones. The location of all of the explosives is shown on your map, but essentially there is one above the hostage room to the west, one in the central lower area, and one in an alcove on the upper east area of the building.
  • Future Consequences: In Mass Effect 2, there is a newscast in the elevator about Terra and how Balak is still on the run, but Kate will email you to thank you once again. In Mass Effect 3, you will meet with an embittered Balak where you can either kill him or convince him to aid you in the fight alongside you and increase your Alliance Third Fleet War Asset.

Attack Balak and Sacrifice the Hostages

  • Result: You’ll have to fight Balak and his men and you’ll immediately gain 25 Renegade Points. Once defeated, you have the option of killing Balak or letting the Alliance arrest him.
  • Future Consequences: In Mass Effect 2, there is a newscast in the elevator about a prayer session for the lost hostages.

After the battle, Simon will appear and tell you that you saved Terra, as well as being dismayed to hear that either Balak escaped or the hostages were killed. Simon will offer you a reward (some decent armor), or you can use Charm or Intimidate to get his omni-tool instead. If the hostages are still alive, you can head over and free them to meet Kate in person. You can also hand in the Missing Engineers assignment if you chose to complete it.

Completing Bring Down the Sky will unlock the Colonial Savior achievement/trophy.

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