Marvel’s Midnight Suns: 8 Best Midnight Sun Abilities

Midnight Sun abilities are only unlockable after reaching the highest friendship level for a hero in Marvel's Midnight Suns. You’ll also require research at The Forge to unlock these challenges before attaining these abilities. The first you’ll get is Hunter’s legendary card, which will introduce how each challenge works; it’s less about defeating a certain number of enemies and is instead about getting tactical to destroy the crystal in the level.

Legendary abilities are game-changing as they’ll vastly aid each given hero whenever used. Each hero gets a card, and each card is worth collecting. These are the best Midnight Sun abilities to use to gain the upper hand.

8/8 Bladestorm

  • Damage and Forceful Knockback each enemy in an area

Bladestorm is a Hunter ability with a wide area of effect, injuring every enemy within this area once you have four heroism. Conserve your energy and refrain from using environmental attacks for a round, and you’ll pretty much be ready to unleash this attack.

Aim for a group of huddled-up baddies that are either potential KOs or ones where you need to whittle down their health bar a little. Hellhounds, Mystics, and Hydra Officers are always great units to use Bladestorm against.

7/8 Glaive

  • Damage and apply two Bleed to each enemy in an area

As a vampire, it’s unsurprising that Blade’s attacks all involve blood in some way. In this instance, it’s damaging and applying two Bleed to each enemy in a given area. Like Bladestorm, the card costs four heroism and can only be used once per mission, so use it to its maximum potential.

The Bleed effect will continue to damage each enemy it’s inflicted on until the status runs out, giving a decent chance to knock some of them out. Glaive requires you to have patience and to come prepared, since it’s unlikely to wipe out the opposition as soon as it’s used — instead having more use as the rounds progress.

6/8 Midnight Special

  • Consume all heroism to damage random enemies ten times

Midnight Special is a powerful card; there’s a reason why it requires the maximum amount of heroism. And while it isn’t the most beneficial for your playthrough, it can take out plenty of enemies quickly. Once you earn ten heroism you can use Midnight Special. Doing so will make Wolverine attack ten random enemies, with each successive attack dealing an extra four damage.

It’s a risky move to secure this amount of heroism, but it can pay off immensely if you’re struggling at any point during a mission. Just make sure not to use other cards that require heroism while conserving it.

5/8 Infernal Spider

  • The next three Spider-Man cards are free

If you’re ever given a chance to use an extra card, you have to take it; there's just no question. When you use Infernal Spider, the following three Spider-Man cards are free and aren’t taken out of your card plays. This means you get three additional card plays on top of those you already have, which is double the usual amount.

It also only costs three heroism to activate, which is surprisingly low for how handy this little card can become. You might win the fight if you’re lucky enough to draw all heavy-damage Spidey cards.

4/8 Supernova

  • Damage each enemy in an area

Carol’s ability might be the most simplistic on this list, but there’s a reason why it’s so high. When using Supernova, every enemy in the selected area will take damage, with the cost of the card only being two heroism.

Like all other Midnight Sun abilities, the attack covers a large area, so you won’t have to scramble around trying to painfully pinpoint the exact place you wish to damage. Use other heavy-hitting attacks before unleashing Supernova to get the most out of the card.

3/8 Darkchylde

  • Gain one Invulnerable and Taunt all enemies

Darkchylde is all about defense for Illyana rather than damaging the opposition, a rare type of ability. As the card will only benefit Illyana, keeping track of her health and the cards in your hand to ensure you use them at an appropriate time is crucial.

With the Invulnerability status, Illyana takes zero damage to any attacks, and since you also get Taunt, every enemy will attack her. Use Darkchylde when your team is dangerously close to being wiped out to give yourself at least enough time to try and get the battle back in your favor.

2/8 Crack The Sky

  • Consume all heroism to damage random enemies ten times, and draw a card for every KO

Nico’s Midnight Sun ability is similar to her Witchfire card, as both randomly select and harm opponents. Crack The Sky is much more potent because it’s a legendary exclusive card that costs ten heroism to activate. Once used, Nico will damage random enemies ten times, with every KO rewarding you a heroism point that you can use towards other heroics later.

Damaging ten times doesn’t mean it’ll only attack each enemy once, as the randomized feature means there’s a chance to damage the same enemy multiple times — granting another opportunity for a precious KO.

1/8 No More

  • Consume all health to damage each enemy near Scarlet Witch and draw a card for each KO

Scarlet Witch isn’t playable until hours and hours into the game, so this power is certainly one to behold. Her starter cards are also significantly weaker than other heroes, and there's a steep learning curve for how best to use them. Once you've gotten through this tricky patch, however, she becomes one of the most powerful damage heroes in the game.

With the No More card, Wanda will consume her health bar to damage every enemy near her, and you'll draw a card for every enemy knocked out. Keep track of how many revives you have left, since the last thing you want is to knock down Wanda with this move without being able to bring her back into the fight.

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