Marvels Avengers Leak Reveals Iron Man’s Iconic Damaged Suit From Endgame

Marvel's Avengers might have had an incredibly rocky start to life, but despite everything, it's not done yet. The new heroes and new costumes keep on coming, and a leak over the weekend points to a pretty special suit landing in the game sometime soon. The damaged Iron Man armor Tony Stark was wearing when he gave his life for the good of the universe at the end of Avengers: Endgame.

The leaked images of Stark in his badly damaged Mark 85 suit were shared by SlightStardust on Reddit (via GameRant). As is the case at the end of the second best-selling movie of all time, Stark is without his Iron Man helmet, and his iconic suit is showing the wear and tear from the biggest battle he has and will ever be a part of.

The beauty in this new suit comes via an attention to detail that goes beyond a lack of helmet and beaten up suit. Despite Marvel's Avengers not following the same story as the MCU, Iron Man's leaked suit includes the Infinity Stones. Not only can you see them all in his homemade gauntlet on Stark's right hand, but they even appear to be pulsing colors up through his arm like they did when he snapped his fingers in the movie.

The only downside is you won't be able to wield the power of the Infinity Stones when wearing the suit. Well, it's assumed that you won't barring an incredibly unexpected swerve in the thread running through Marvel's Avengers and all of its DLC so far. It's a shame the Infinity Stones haven't been incorporated into the game's story in some way, though. Even though it may be criticized for copying the movies, the game feels like it needs a Thanos-sized villain.

It isn't getting Thanos, at least not for now, but at least its new heroes have started to line up with the MCU. Jane Foster was added to the game a week before Thor: Love And Thunder hit cinemas, and She-Hulk appears to be in the offing as her Disney+ show nears. Her arrival was accidentally revealed last week during an Xbox stream on Twitch.

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