Marvel Snap: Every Pool 4 Card, Ranked

Marvel Snap is one of the most popular digital card collection games out there, having released to incredibly good reception, and it has since proved some staying power. One of the more interesting aspects of the game is the way it limits card pools to players.

Marvel Snap has pools that you have to reach a certain collection level to get cards. This helps matchmaking and allows the games to be in a somewhat similar power level while allowing for new cards to be added endlessly without disturbing the lower tiers of play. Here is how pool four ranks.

10/10 Luke Cage

Luke Cage is an iconic character with a rich and impactful history in the comic book universe. Unfortunately for the bulletproof icon, he's very lackluster in Marvel Snap. He has an Ongoing ability to prevent power reduction, and that's it.

While this is a nice ability to counter some great disruption cards like Spider-Woman, when combined with Luke's mediocre stat line of 2/1, he just doesn't feel worth it. Power reduction is rare already, and this card's low power doesn't help his playability.

9/10 Maria Hill

Maria Hill has grown immensely in popularity in the last few years, mostly due to the large reach of the MCU. Once again, unfortunately, the card doesn't do the character justice. Maria Hill is a 2/3 with the On Reveal ability to add a random 1-Cost card to your hand.

The ability is not bad, potentially even being compatible with the Collector and Devil Dinosaur centric hand size decks. However, what Maria Hill does is accomplished by Agent 13 for a cheaper cost. While adding a 1-Cost card specifically can be beneficial, there are way better 2-Cost cards than Maria Hill to consider in almost any deck.

8/10 M'Baku

M'Baku is another character that grew in popularity in recent years thanks to the MCU. While the character is without a doubt interesting, his Marvel Snap counterpart is a bit lacking, unfortunately.

If M'Baku is in your deck at the end of the game, it leaps to a random location. While the surprise factor and the swarming capability can be situationally great, M'Baku is just a 1/2 at the end of the day and rarely makes a difference by jumping into the field.

7/10 Titania

Titania has recently made her live-action debut in the She-Hulk TV show, portrayed by the lovely Jameela Jamil. The character was extremely fun to watch, and the Marvel Snap counterpart is anything but boring, just like the character.

Titania is a 1/5, being one of the strongest cards you can play on your first turn. Her ability makes the card switch sides whenever any card is played at that location. This makes Titania serve as a game of chicken by itself, and the card is a high-risk, high-reward option. It can be combined with Zero and could be a great inclusion in the right deck, though.

6/10 Attuma

Even if you've heard of Attuma before, he's never been the most popular or well-known character out there. Despite this obscurity, though, Attuma is a rather intriguing card in Marvel Snap's Pool 4.

He has great stats, having a power of ten and a cost of four. The drawback is that if you have another card at the same location at the end of your turn, Attuma will destroy itself. While that can be an issue, Attuma can find a home for himself in Destruction-focused decks or decks that utilize a small amount of cards instead of swarming the field, making it a welcome addition to the game.

5/10 Agent Coulson

The man himself, Agent Coulson has become almost as famous as his boss Nick Fury, mainly due to the great portrayal of Clark Gregg in the MCU. Luckily, he gets a card that's both useful and thematically accurate in Marvel Snap.

Agent Coulson will add a random 4-Cost and 5-Cost card to your hand on reveal. This is a great effect and can give you some options you previously didn't have for the following turns. The stat line is not bad at all either, being a 3/4. Considering how thematic it is for Coulson to bring along heroes, this card can be a classic in the future.

4/10 Helicarrier

Speaking of agents and adding cards to your hand, the Helicarrier is also added to the game in Pool 4. This is a 6/10 card, which is decent in and of itself. The Helicarrier, if discarded, replaces itself with three random cards.

This makes it a great option for both Discard centric decks and hand size control decks. While the cards it adds are random, it can easily give you the missing piece and change the tide of a game. Even if you don't get to take advantage of its effect, dropping a card with 10 Power on turn six is not bad.

3/10 Orka

Orka is a very obscure character that happens to be one of the better cards in Pool 4. It's a 6/9, which is a little low to be great, but Orka gains +5 Power if it's your only card at a location. Orka is just a better Namor.

While at the current state of the game, swarming the field with low-cost cards seems to be more powerful, Orka is a great card to finish up those quests that require you to win a location with only one card. Especially when combined with adjacent location buffing cards like Klaw and Mister Fantastic, Orka can easily secure a location by itself.

2/10 She-Hulk

She-Hulk is a beloved character with a rich and colorful history in the comics, and luckily, the developers seem to give her enough respect. She-Hulk is a 6-Cost card with a Power of 10, and she costs one less for each unspent energy during your previous turn.

For example, if you were to skip your turn four, you can drop this powerhouse for only two energy on turn five. What makes She-Hulk great is the flexibility, as she welcomes those turns where you don't have a great play and unwillingly skip. Worst case scenario, she's a decent 6-Cost card to drop on your last turn.

1/10 Absorbing Man

While Pool 4 cards vary from mediocre to great, the best of the bunch is Absorbing Man by far. This obscure villain has an On Reveal ability to copy the On Reveal ability of the last card you played if it has one. That should already terrify experienced players.

One of the most consistent and common high-level decks currently is the On Reveal spam deck. These decks aim to reignite their On Reveal effects with the likes of Wong and Odin and take advantage of such effects over and over. Absorbing Man is tailor-made for such decks, adding another layer to the endless chain of effect ignition. He may not be the most well-known character, but he is sure to be a staple in Marvel Snap.

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