Marvel Fans Think That Character Isn’t Really Dead In Hawkeye

Can you believe they killed both Hawkeyes in the finale? It was a bold move on Marvel's part, especially after all the hype drummed up for Steinfeld's MCU debut. But maybe they survived? Maybe Kate Bishop was a Skrull or Clint Barton has a trick arrow for resurrections. Weirder things have happened, like Spider-Man soaring on Valkyrie's pegasus while holding the Infinity Gaunlet.

Spoilers ahead for Hawkeye

No, it was Kingpin who "died." But there's a golden TV rule that most shows abide by – if you don't see it on screen, it didn't happen. We hear a gunshot and a thud after Wilson Fisk has a whole scene pleading with Echo, so it's implied that he's finally gotten his comeuppance. Daredevil and Punisher didn't get the final blow in the end, but maybe Echo didn't either.

In the megathread discussion on Reddit, one fan jumped to help alleviate people's anxiety, sharing a comic panel that's almost identical to the final scene with Kingpin and Echo. Similarly, his death isn't shown – the panel is obscured by a large red explosion with "Blam!" written on top. Shortly after, we find out that Kingpin went blind – fitting given one of his biggest rivals is Daredevil.

In the show, Kingpin took a few arrows, punches, and an explosion without breaking a sweat. He was tanky, barely trying, and still powering through. He even donned his comic costume with the floral shirt, cane, and hat, so fans were ecstatic at the prospect of more Vincent D'Onofrio in the MCU, stepping out of the Netflix series.

Marvel might shirk that by killing him in his first appearance, pulling a second Ralph Bohner, but he could just as easily return. The caveat is that he's now blind. What route Marvel will take is up in the air and it isn't clear where Kingpin could fit into next. It'll likely be in the Echo series, but perhaps that rumoured Daredevil series will bear fruit and pit the Devil of Hell's Kitchen against Fisk one more time.

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