Marvel Fans Think Loki Or Beta Ray Bill Were Removed From Thor: Love And Thunder Trailer

The MCU really kicked back into action in 2021 via a number of TV shows and closing with the blockbuster that was Spider-Man: No Way Home. Marvel fans have been afforded the chance to take a little break thanks to The Multiverse Of Madness having its release date pushed back, only needing to watch Moon Knight to keep up to date with the MCU so far in 2022. That all changes next month as Dr. Strange will kick off a run of very big projects coming throughout the rest of the year.

The next movie after Dr. Strange 2 will be Thor: Love and Thunder, and it'll be here sooner than you think. So soon that the lack of details or even a first trailer was starting to seem a little suspicious. Everything in the MCU is linked, so it's likely Marvel had been sitting on Thor 4's first trailer for as long as possible to avoid spoilers, and fans think its creators have utilized some strategic editing to remove certain elements from the trailer which finally debuted this week.

The one shot, in particular, that has got fans talking can be found 37 seconds into the trailer which you can rewatch below. Thor is shown stood alongside Korg, watching the Guardians of the Galaxy leaving whatever planet he's on. However, there's a big empty space on the left-hand side of the screen. A space that appears to have had one or more characters removed from it so we don't know they'll be appearing in the movie before we see it at the cinema.

The speculation as to who might be stood in the original cut of the trailer has been rife. Top of the list is Loki, as even though he was killed by Thanos in the MCU, there are now an infinite number of Loki variants and the God of Mischief's Disney+ show will be getting a second season. One of the more popular choices appears to be Beta Ray Bill, while Lady Sif is also a contender after having not appeared in the MCU, barring a Loki cameo, since Thor: The Dark World.

Every area that could include a character who might have been edited out in any Marvel trailer from now on will be speculated on by MCU fans. No Way Home's trailer features a shot that included Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield in the final cut of the movie, but they couldn't be included prior to its launch for obvious reasons. Lizard reacting to a punch that hadn't been thrown in the Brazilian version of the trailer really gave the game away on that one.

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