Magic: The Gathering’s Head Designer Asks If Fans Want A Star Wars Crossover

Magic: The Gathering has been home to numerous crossovers in the last few years, but one of the biggest yet may be on the way if hints from the game’s head designer Mark Rosewater is to be believed.

While he didn’t confirm or deny anything, he has been asking fans of the game how they would feel about a Universes Beyond crossover with Star Wars.

On his Blogatog blog, where Rosewater answers questions from Magic players, the question of a Star Wars crossover was raised. Instead of outright denying it, or pulling his classic response of “maybe :)”, Rosewater instead turned the question back on the community, asking “would people like to see a Star Wars set?”

Universes Beyond is Magic: The Gathering’s umbrella brand for crossovers with other series. This year alone we’ve seen crossovers with Fortnite, Street Fighter, and Arcane, and are anticipating the launch of the four Warhammer 40,000 Commander decks later this year. Next year will see the launch of a full set based on The Lord of the Rings, which makes the introduction of Star Wars product feel much more possible.

Crossovers with Magic tend to come in one of two forms: either they are reprints of existing cards given new names and art to fit the crossover – such as Fortnite and Arcane’s Secret Lairs – or they’re mechanically unique, brand-new cards. This was last seen for the Secret Lair X Street Fighter promotion, and is likely to be a big part of next years’ Lord of the Rings set. It’s difficult to judge which way Star Wars would go for this, but the idea of a new, lightsaber-filled Swords to Plowshares reprint would, admittedly, be pretty cool.

Although Rosewater’s comments can hardly be considered a confirmation of a Star Wars MTG product being in the works, the response does suggest more than Rosewater maybe intended. There have been numerous times when he has posed a question to the community like this as a way of gauging interest in a yet-to-be-announced product. The most noteworthy example of this was last August, when Rosewater asked for opinions on a cyberpunk-themed set a mere month before Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty was revealed.

If this crossover does happen, the most likely place we will hear about it will be next week’s Wizards Presents conference on August 18.

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