Magic: The Gathering Player Wins Commandfest Brawl Tournament By Being The Only Entrant

Preparing for a Magic: The Gathering tournament can be nerve-wracking. It takes preparation, and the ability to respond to whatever your opponent throws at you. But one player has managed to skip that process entirely – by simply not having any opponents.

In what might be the fastest MTG win of all time, player Joep Smit managed to take the top spot at the Brawl event at CommandFest Frankfurt and as soon as he entered, because no one else participated. Still, this was enough to make him the winner, and allowed him to pose proudly with the prize he's rightfully taking home.

What makes the story even wilder is that this is the second time Smit has won like this – and in the same category. Brawl is immensely unpopular in the MTG community, so all Smit has to do is turn up to be crowned the winner.

Smit's first Brawl win in this manner was in 2018, during the format's initial run in MTG matches. It was retired that same year, yet given a second chance in 2019, albeit with some balance fixes.

Still, it looks like those fixes just weren't enough to get players to participate in matches. But it's good news for Smit at least, who can probably get away with calling himself the best Brawl player out there right now.

It remains to be seen if this second embarrassing Brawl tournament is enough for Wizards of the Coast to pack it in and put the format back in retirement, where it seems to belong. Although for Smit's sake, maybe they could give it another couple of tries? At the end of the day, at least he'll bag some more prizes.

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