Madden 21 Next-Gen Upgrade Is Now Available On Xbox Series X|S and PS5

Madden 21 originally released months ago and though the current NFL season is halfway through, EA’s football simulator is about to enjoy a second wind. Released on December 4th, their promised next-gen upgrade has finally arrived for both the Xbox Series X|S and PS5.

It also coincides with EA’s next-gen launch for FIFA 21, though that update arrived a day ahead of schedule. They’ve been keen to emphasis just what the new technology can provide, outside of a visual boost for both sports games. In Madden’s case, this brings improved tackling, better player movement and more.

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Existing owners on Xbox One and PS4 can upgrade to this new edition free of charge, letting you transfer career and franchise mode saves over too. Rather than using Xbox’s Smart Delivery system, EA have instead opted to create their own platform known as Dual Entitlement, confirming this free upgrade offer will expire when Madden 22 launches.

PS5 owners can find out how to upgrade for free here, so whatever your choice of next-gen console, you can finally get the Madden 21 experience at its peak.

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