Mad Devils Releases Motion Comic That Reveals What We Already Knew: Nazi Demons Suck

Mad Devils is currently out on Steam Playtest, which is like a branded version of a beta test. This period lets players provide direct feedback to the developers so that they can put the final polish before the game releases in the second quarter of this year.

If you don’t have the time to be a playtester but you do love some gritty and atmospheric motion comic video with an evil Nazi threatening to open a portal to Hell and bring forth an army of demons, then Mad Devils’ latest trailer might be of interest to you.

From concept artist David Murdoch, who leads Mad Devils’ visual elements at developer Itzy Interactive, comes this intro cutscene that’s inspired by ’90s classics like Thief and Twisted Metal 2. It sets the tone for the upcoming game, which revolves around an allied squad sent into the deepest Nazi stronghold to stop the evil Major Strauss from summoning an army of demons.

Called the Mad Devils, the squad is betrayed and murdered, but not before at least throwing a wrench in Major Strauss’s plans.

“David’s an exceptional talent,” said Itzy Interactive founder Kyle Kulyk. “He was originally hired to provide artwork for the motion comics that make up the Mad Devils’ cut-scenes, but his role exploded. He’s reshaped the characters, taken on level design, and over the course of the last two years, scored music.”

Mad Devils will feature up to six different playable characters with unique powers and weapons that level up as you play. There’s also a unique destructible cover system and procedurally-generated maps that make each playthrough unique, although the story penned by Metro Exodus writer Greg Buchanan stays the same each time.

The game is currently in Steam Playtest which you can join today. Mad Devils will release on PC and PS4 later this year.

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