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Lost Ark's Paladin class is one of two support roles in the game, matched only by the Bard. The class is valuable in both PvP and PvE content and is one of the more reliable classes to pick up and play for your first run through the game.

This guide will cover a brief overview of the class, the best Engravings, abilities, and general playstyle tips. We will update this guide for the full release of Lost Ark in the West as of February 2022.

Class Overview

The Paladin is designed as a tanky support class that can provide team benefits in both PvP and PvE. Abilities come in two styles: Yellow (Primal Light Skills) and Blue (Fencing Skills). These are divided into support and attack damage skills – Yellow for Support, Blue for Damage. However, don't think you're going to be much damage. While you can pick up some AD for leveling, your role is solely to support, and you won't find a place as a DPS Paladin in late-game content.

Those abilities are designed to fill your Identity bar, basically your ultimate skill. The Paladin's is called Scales of Fate, of which there are also two options to use – Blue and Yellow. As we've just mentioned, you're going to be using the Yellow most frequently – it boosts the damage of your nearby allies, rather than yourself. We'll cover this in more detail below.


  • Solid support kit with more tankiness than the Bard
  • Ability to shield your team and manipulate different Aura abilities
  • Easier to level with than the Bard due to higher DPS levels and more HP


  • Although you can find DPS builds, it's still going to be weaker than focused DPS classes
  • To balance out the Paladin's strengths, you'll notice fewer healing abilities than the Bard

Best Paladin Engravings

Like other classes, the Paladin has unique class Engravings. Here's a closer look at them.

Healing FaithMaster Fencer
Provides a solid defense boost to your allies (reduced incoming damage) and damage buff to output damage. You will also heal your allies over time.A powerful Engraving, as it allows you to fill up your Identity gauge faster. It also increases the damage of your Blue skills.

Which Engraving is better? Well, you may see plenty of Paladin builds online that recommend running both of these at the same time, using the Master Fencer Engraving to speed up the regen time for your Identity skill, while also getting the support-focused benefits of the Healing Faith Engraving.

Recommended Engravings For The Paladin Class

AwakeningBlessed AuraHeavy Armor
Awakening is a regular pickup for most classes in the game – it reduces the cooldown of your Awakening skill and increases the maximum uses.

  • Increases Awakening cooldown by -10, -25, and -50 percent. Increases uses from +1, to +2, to +3.
This is a big buff to your Holy Aura, the Identity skill you will be using most regularly as a support class.

  • Damage received while using the Holy Aura ID skill is reduced by 10 percent, and 2 percent of your teammates HP is restored every 2.5 seconds.
We love this Engraving for solo content and for some late-game stuff, although you will likely like to get more specialized as you enter endgame content. Another option here would be Specialist.

  • All defense is increased by 30 percent, 75 percent, and 100 percent.

You should also experiment with other Engravings, like Spirit Absorption (for boosted attack and movement speed), Specialist, (increases your shielding and HP if you or your allies are on low HP), and Grudge, (reduces damage taken from bosses, good for late-game PvE where your main task is to stay alive.)

Best Paladin Skills

This is a rundown of a full 300 point endgame Support build for the Paladin. This is but one build in a sea of builds available in the game, as Lost Ark has so many class customization options that it pays to experiment with the builds that feel right for you. In our full Paladin builds guide, we'll go into more specific builds, like leveling, PvE, and PvP. Note: some translations may differ from the western release of the game, as this is currently still a WIP from the Betas.

SkillTripod OneTripod TwoTripod Three
Punishment (Blue Skill)

  • Two quick strikes and a follow-up strike, dealing three bursts of damage.
Magick Control

  • Reduced mana cost of this skill by 50 percent, so it can be used frequently and on cooldown.
Piercing Sword

  • Your attacks ignore defense on 'Challenge' level or above foes, good for PvE.
Sword Of Justice (Yellow Skill)

  • This deals massive physical damage in one blow.

  • Increases range and reduced cooldown.
Summon Holy Sword

  • Adds Holy element to your attack and leaves a debuff which increases damage to that enemy for 10 seconds (10 percent buff)
Charge (Blue Skill)

  • Charge forward and inflict damage (good for mobility)
Excellent Mobility

  • Skill cooldown is reduced by 5 sec.
Shining Protection

  • Your charge generates a shield, 15 percent of max hp for 3 seconds at level one.
Ambush Attack

  • The attack knocks opponents into the air and deals 50 percent more damage.
Dash Slash

  • Move forward and swing your sword, knocking opponents into the air
Quick Pace

  • Increases your move speed level by level
Godsent Law

  • Summons an AOE, inflicts damage over 2 seconds

  • Creates a shield – 20 percent of max HP for 5 seconds at level one
Wide-angle Attack

  • Increases radius of attack

  • Any parties inside the AOE will take less damage (70 percent) for 1 second
Execution Of Justice

  • A spinning attack that deals damage over time and then ends with an extra attack
Rune Prison

  • Any opponents hit by the ability are pulled toward you
Strength Release

  • Extra damage
Light Explosion

  • Blasts enemies into the air that are in the vicinity of the attack
Heavenly Blessings

  • Summons a Solar Guardian, inflicts damage on nearby enemies, and reduces damage received for party members by 20 percent for 8 seconds
Mind Enhancement

  • Reduces mana cost by 50 percent

  • Increases damage reduction, scales with level 1, 2, and 3
Heavenly Requiem

  • Increases AOE damage radius and overall damage
Holy Protection

  • Shields all party members for 6 seconds (24 meter radius around your Paladin)
Quick Pace

  • While the shield is active you get a 15 percent bonus to speed
Robust Protection

  • Reduces shield duration but improves overall shield gauge rating
Vow Of Light

  • When the shield is turned off, the shield will grant some HP back. Increases cooldown of skill as a result

As we mentioned, this is just a sample build to help you understand what sort of things are possible with the Paladin. We will cover more in-depth builds with our Paladin build guide.

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