Logan And Jake Paul Talk Joining WWE Full Time

Professional wrestling is an odd mix of sport and entertainment. That's why WWE chairman Vince McMahon insists you call what he and his Superstars do as sports entertainment. It's also why every now and again, celebrities will try their hand at what the likes of The Rock and John Cena made names for themselves doing. From Mr. T to Bad Bunny, quite a few famous faces have given it a go, and some of them are actually pretty good.

Next on the list is Logan Paul. The YouTuber will be making his in-ring debut for WWE at WrestleMania in a little more than two weeks. Paul will team with The Miz to take on the father and son team of Rey and Dominik Mysterio, so he'll be in there with some big names. He's also revealed he hopes this will just be the beginning of his in-ring career.

Paul recently told TMZ how much fun he's had training for his WWE debut, admitting his fans will be the ones who dictate whether it extends beyond just one match. “I think it’s up to the fans. I think it’s up to the fans to see if they agree with me thinking I’m good,” Paul said. He's even keen to get his brother Jake Paul involved and go on a tag team run, suggesting his outing with The Miz will be a one-time thing.

Even though Paul will wrestle for the first time at WrestleMania, he's been making appearances on WWE programming for a while. The Pokemon card aficionado was involved in last year's WrestleMania and returned to the promotion for a second time at SummerSlam a few months later. He'll also be a part of WWE 2K22. While not on the roster at launch, 2K has revealed Paul will be added to the game via DLC.

While Paul started his rise as a YouTuber, getting involved in as many very different industries as possible continues to expand his reach. He unboxes expensive Pokemon cards – which sometimes turn out to be fake – boxes Floyd Mayweather, and in a little more than two weeks, he will officially become a WWE Superstar.

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