Limited Sega Mega Drive trainers and caps releasing this week

90s Sega fans will soon be able to rep the company’s classic console with a limited line of 16-bit themed apparel.

The Mega Drive remains one of Sega’s most fondly remembered consoles (possibly the most fondly remembered). So, to capitalise on the nostalgia of long-time Sega fans, the company has partnered with independent trainer label Lavair to release themed trainers and baseball caps.

The line will be made available to purchase this Friday, July 23 via Lavair’s own website. It’s described as a limited edition collaboration so once stock sells out, that’s likely it.

‘The four piece collaboration will feature two styles, the retro-hued EXO Sega Mega Drive Analog, and more understated EXO Sega Mega Drive Mono, each arriving with matching caps,’ reads the website.

The light and dark purple colouring on the Analog items is clearly taken from classic Mega Drive imagery. The box it came in sported the same pattern and it’s also featured on the box art for Sega Mega Drive Classics.

‘Lavair has reinterpreted its best-selling EXO style to combine luxury craftsmanship with stylish nostalgia for Sega Mega Drive’s first official shoe collaboration.’

As for the pricing, the caps will retail at £50, while the trainers will cost £200. The website adds ‘The EXO Sega Mega Drive flaunts technical aesthetics with a full thermoplastic polyurethane eye-stay and weather resistant toe guard and draped in a hi-tensile nylon upper.’

‘The designs Lavair have come up with for their Mega Drive themed collection really capture the timeless appeal of this iconic brand,’ said Jason Rice, brand licensing director at Sega Europe.

‘We can’t wait to hear what Sega fans and trainer aficionados alike, think of the collaboration.’

The Mega Drive released in 1990 and was home to various Sega classics, including Altered Beast, Streets Of Rage, and, of course, Sonic The Hedgehog.

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