Lego Bricktales Is A Puzzle Builder Coming To PC And Consoles Later This Year

There’s been a lot of Lego games over the years, but the vast majority of them merely use Lego as a veneer, an aesthetic backdrop for what’s otherwise a familiar action-adventure game.

Lego Bricktales is different. Like Lego Builder’s Journey, the 2019 Apple Arcade game, Bricktales is a puzzle game where the solution actually requires you to do the thing that Lego is famous for: build stuff.

From Clockstone Studio and Thunderful, Lego Bricktales sends players on a journey across five well-known Lego biomes: jungle, desert, city, medieval castle, and tropical islands. Each puzzle will require the player to create something using a limited number of Lego pieces. Sometimes the solution will be something simple like a market stand or a music box, and other times (like seen in the trailer below) it’ll be something functional like a helicopter or a construction crane.

Everything is made of authentic Lego pieces that you could actually build from Lego’s extensive online catalog. And everything will have to be built right for it to work–make a chopper that’s lopsided, and it’ll just crash.

"We know that Lego fans across the world will be incredibly excited to get their hands on Lego Bricktales," said Dieter Schoeller, Vice-President of Production at Thunderful. "That’s why it's so great to be able to announce that the game is coming to such a wide-range of platforms. Across PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC, we are ensuring that as many people as possible are able to play and enjoy this title and its intuitive brick-by-brick building mechanic."

Although we don't have a solid release date, today's announcement promises Lego Bricktales will arrive on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch later this year. You can sign up for email notifications on the official site or wishlist now on Steam.

And if you're both a Lego fan and a Tarnished, this Walking Mausoleum model from Elden Ring is likely to present a significant challenge. It's made of between 5,000 to 6,000 pieces (lots of them Technic pieces) and it weighs 30 pounds.

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