Last of Us 2 Safe Code secrets in high demand as TLOU2 hits record sales

The Last of Us 2 has arrived on PS4 and has already acclimated record sales. The game focuses on Ellie as she explores new locations and encounters terrifying new monsters. And it appears that the unforgiving post-apocalyptic world is proving a massive sales hit for Sony. The tech giant confirmed today that The Last of Us 2 has now sold more than 4 million copies worldwide on PS4 consoles.

And not only has it racked up an impressive number of sales, but Sony has also confirmed that that The Last of Us Part II is now the fastest-selling first-party PS4 exclusive ever.

This might explain why so many gamers are searching for answers to some of the game’s biggest mysteries and challenges.

As with all survival horror games, supplies are critical to your success in TLOU2, with the higher difficulties proving extremely tough.

An extra rag here, or pack of ammo there, can prove the difference when running through infested sewers or hiding in overgrown ruins.

And one of the best places to find large stacks of supplies is by hunting down and unlocking The Last of Us 2’s safes.

These safes – which are littered across the game world – contain weapons, upgrades and ammo to aid Ellie along her journey.

Safe combinations tend to be hinted at in Artefacts that can be found nearby the safes in Last of Us 2.

The Safe Codes are pretty easy to workout and it’s possible to find everything you need in your first run-through.

But if you’re still struggling then don’t worry, you can find below a full list of the safe combinations and safe locations in Last of Us 2.

These safe combinations and locations were revealed in a post by IGN.


Chapter 1

Head to the back of the supermarket in Jackson and look in the back office. The safe combination is 07-20-13.

Chapter 2 – Seattle day one

In the Downtown area when you enter the courthouse, before going down the elevator enter the locked room by breaking the window. The safe combination is 86-07-22.

In the Downtown area once again you’ll have the option of exploring the Bank.

Do that and then travel through the safety deposit room to find the vault room. The code is 60-23-06.

Once again in the Downtown area, find Gate West 2 which is below the Courthouse. The safe code is 04, 51.

In the Capitol Hill area, look out for a thrift shop that’s by a gym. In the back room you’ll find a safe, the combination is 55-01-33.

Finally, in the Tunnels you’ll find a break room area. To get access to the employees’ Locker Room you’ll have to enter this code – 15243.

Chapter 3 – Seattle day one

In Hillcrest at the auto repair shop you’ll find a safe. Move the dumpster to get access to it, and then use this safe combination: 30-82-65.

You will find another safe in a locked apartment bedroom – to gain access to it you can climb the truck and break through the window. The safe combination you need is 10-08-83.

Later on you’ll find another when you’re swimming looking for the parking garage. Head up the stairs to get to the pharmacy and then you will have to crawl through a hole in the wall. The safe code you need is 38-55-23.

Chapter 4 – Seattle day three

The next safe can be accessed in the section when Ellie acquires a speedboat. When you get to the point where the gate cuts off your path you’ll have to get out the boat to open it. The safe is in the caged area nearby. Climb up to the upper level and shift the card that reveals a hole in the wall which leads you to the cage. The code you need is 70-12-64.

Chapter 6

You will find another safe after exiting the warehouse during the On Foot section.

Look out for a building across the way from the trailer. To open the safe use this code: 17-38-07.

The next safe can be found inside the Jasmine Bakery. The combination is 68-96-89.

You will find another safe on the Sun Deck after encountering the Shambler. The combination is 90-77-01.

Chapter 7

In The Shortcut section, you will find a safe in the bedroom opposite the whiteboard. The safe combination is 30-23-04.

In The Descent section, across from the gym you’ll find a closet with a safe in it. The combination is 12-18-79.

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