Lakeburg Legacies Might Feature Incest

Lakeburg Legacies is a life management game inspired by The Sims and even Crusader Kings, but what's one thing you can't do in The Sims? Your cousin. Lakeburg meanwhile is considering it, for better or worse.

Speaking to PCGamesN, communications and marketing director Bruno Laverny said that the focus in Lakeburg Legacies is "the social aspect", letting you invite people around to your house so you can form bonds and even forge new families – you can cultivate relationships and have kids. Only the backdrop isn't modern, suburban America, but a medieval village that you're the governor of.

Couples, relationships, kids, social lives – it's all very standard Sims stuff. You've no doubt had a welcome party, mingled with some neighbours, kept each other's details, and eventually bonded so much so that you move in together and have a couple of kids who go on to have a couple of kids of their own. You probably don't have a family gathering with your nan and end up woohooing, eh? Maybe you've wanted to – people certainly gave it a try when The Sims bugged out and let you – and Lakeburg isn't taking that option off the table just yet.

When asked about "messed up" relations like those in Crusader Kings, Laverney said, "That is actually a question we are asking ourselves because we probably won't go as deep as Crusader Kings. But we still have plans for something. An incestuous relationship, for example. But we are still working on that because we are trying to find the right balance."

You might struggle to keep a family tree growing if you keep it in the family, but it looks like the option to make a slightly more messed up family will be present in some shape or form when Lakeburg Legacies launches in 2023 Just be sure to keep it quiet and preferably with the curtains pulled back – nobody wants to see that.

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