Kirby Gets A Concert In Celebration Of His 30th Birthday

This month is a big one for Kirby fans. Following its reveal last year, Kirby and The Forgotten Land launches on March 25. An all-new Kirby adventure set to take us to new places in the Kirby universe. Plus, the introduction of mouthful mode. The revelation that Kirby's ability to inhale has become so powerful, he can stretch his entire body over a car and then drive it.

If you didn't already know, The Forgotten Land is also sort of Nintendo's way of marking 30 years since the launch of the very first Kirby game. Turns out a brand-new game won't be the only way Kirby's birthday is officially marked. Nintendo is also putting together a special concert that will feature iconic music from throughout the entire series of Kirby games.

The concert was teased by Nintendo's UK account when it shared footage from the Kirby concert that marked the pink puffball's 25th anniversary. A short while later it was confirmed on Kirby's official website that there will be another, presumably bigger concert taking place to celebrate Kirby turning 30. A 35-piece ensemble will play music from Dream Land all the way to The Forgotten Land on August 11, and the whole thing will stream online free of charge.

The performance will likely take place in Japan, as the start time is listed as 6 pm JST, and the site highlights that even people outside of Japan will be able to watch live. That'll be an early start for those of you living in the US, but worth it if you want to hear a talented orchestra perform live Kirby music. Japanese Kirby fans will be getting a little extra in the form of a medal collection. They will be added to Japan's Nintendo Store on April 15, Kirby's actual birthday.

It appears to be pot luck whether Nintendo will celebrate its iconic video game characters' birthdays or not. Mario was and Kirby will be celebrated, whereas Donkey Kong and The Legend Of Zelda were not. Yes, Link technically did get a Skyward Sword remaster, but that didn't really feel like enough for what is arguably Nintendo's biggest IP outside of its flagship plumber.

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