Kirby And The Forgotten Land: Complete Guide

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After a long wait without a full-blown console game, Kirby and the Forgotten Land is finally here, bringing with it a ton of Copy Abilities, a brand new inhaling gimmick, and six new worlds to explore.

Although Kirby and the Forgotten Land might seem like a simple platformer, anyone who's played a Nintendo game before won't be surprised to find out that its levels are absolutely stuffed with collectibles and secrets to find. To get them all, you're going to want to follow our guides.

Beyond the collectibles, there are a lot of other mechanics you'll want to get to grips with, such as the new Blueprint Upgrades and what they do to each Copy Ability, or how to unlock the game's true ending.

Here's everything you need to know about Kirby and the Forgotten Land.

Hidden Waddle Dees

One of the main things you'll be collecting in Kirby and the Forgotten Land is Waddle Dees. That's right, King Dedede's army needs Kirby's help in this game, as they've all been captured and put into cages. Each level features between three and five hidden Waddle Dees that you'll need to search high and low for. Don't worry though, we've got you covered.

  • Every Natural Plains Hidden Waddle Dee
  • Every Everbay Coast Hidden Waddle Dee
  • Every Wondaria Remains Hidden Waddle Dee

Secret Objectives

It's not just Waddle Dees you're going to need to find throughout the Forgotten Land. Each level also has various secret objectives that you need to complete to free even more Waddle Dees from cages. Some of these are pretty vague and the game often doesn't tell you what you need to do, but we've noted them all down and how to complete them.

  • Every Natural Plains Secret Objective
  • Every Everbay Coast Secret Objective
  • Every Wondaria Remains Secret Objective

Copy Abilities And Blueprint Upgrades

As you'd expect from any Kirby game, Copy Abilities play a big role in the Forgotten Land. Not only that, but they've also been given a buff this time around thanks to the new collectible, Blueprint Upgrades. We've detailed every Copy Ability in the game, what they can do, and where to find the Blueprint Upgrades.

  • Every Copy Ability And Blueprint Upgrade
  • Every Blueprint Upgrade Location

Review And Features

Finally, here's everything non-guide related that we've written about Kirby and the Forgotten Land over the past few months since its initial reveal.

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