Kingdom Hearts 4 may not have got rid of Sora’s clown shoes after all

An interview with Kingdom Hearts 4’s director reveals some new details, including an explanation for Sora’s more realistic look.

There’s a lot fans that still don’t know about Quadratum, the mysterious new world Sora has found himself transported to in Kingdom Hearts 4. It’s clearly meant to resemble the real world (the city the trailer takes place in is a fairly accurate recreation of the Shibuya district in Tokyo) and so Square Enix has decided to give Sora a more realistic look.

Not everyone is on board with that though, pining for the days of his overly spiky hair and big, yellow clown shoes. However, a recent interview with director Tetsuya Nomura has suggested that the new design won’t be a permanent fixture for the whole game.

Nomura explains that, with Quadratum existing in a separate reality, Sora will look realistic as long as he’s there. Should he ever return to his original reality, he’ll go back to his more cartoony, Disney-inspired appearance.

‘Everything you saw in the trailer before the title appeared is from Quadratum, and Sora will look realistic there, but if he returns to the original world, then the shaders will make him look like Donald and Goofy,’ he says.

Sora’s appearance changing depending on what world he’s in is nothing new for the series. For example, in Kingdom Hearts 3’s Pirates Of The Caribbean world, he gained a lot more visual detail and his colours were muted so he wouldn’t stand out as much.

It’s easy to imagine something similar happening if the rumours about there being a Star Wars world in the new game turn out to be true.

Speaking with Famitsu, Nomura also dropped a couple of other details about Quadratum. For instance, the apartment we saw Sora sleeping in is based in Minami-Aoyama (a neighbourhood in Shibuya) and will serve as Sora’s base for the early parts of the game.

It being set in Shibuya has also got fans thinking the cast of The World Ends With You, another Square Enix role-playing game, will make a cameo. Especially since they previously appeared in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance and told Sora to visit them in Shibuya someday.

Unfortunately, Nomura appears to rule that out, saying that Quadratum’s Shibuya is unrelated to the Shibuya from The World Ends With You.

The full interview has been handily translated by fan-site KHInsider, and also includes some information for the new mobile game, Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link.

As some suspected from the trailer, it will incorporate augmented reality elements similar to Pokémon Go, but it will be possible to play the game entirely from home.

Kingdom Hearts 4 is in development for unspecified platforms.

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