Killer Klowns From Outer Space Is Getting Its Own Game

Friday the 13th: The Game lead Randy Greenback is adapting the cult classic slasher Killer Klowns from Outer Space as a video game with Teravision Games, bringing the sci-fi camp cutting-edge clown violence to an all-new medium.

Much like Friday the 13th: The Game, Dead by Daylight, and the upcoming Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Killer Klowns from Outer Space is a 3v7 asymmetrical multiplayer outing.

Good Shepherd says that the game will boast a randomly generated map where humans duke it out with intergalactic alien Klowns (thanks, IGN). These maps are described as "expansive" and "ever changing".

Killer Klowns from Outer Space is also set to be a live-service game with post-launch content updates, so you can relive the nightmares of 2016 with a sci-fi twist, all while embracing the campy '80s slasher boom in the 2020s. Yep, the '80s were 40 years ago.

It's set to launch on PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S sometime in early 2023, and you're not only playing as average joes but various character classes. So you'll be able to find the perfect survivor for your playstyle.

Unlike Friday the 13th and Dead by Daylight, Killer Klowns from Outer Space looks to be more action-packed, with the embedded trailer above showing the survivors fighting back as they loot the city. The aim is, as you'd expect, to avoid being kidnapped and killed, but it goes beyond the usual surviving. You also have to stop their invasion, ensuring that the Klowns don't conquer the whole of Earth.

"When we first heard that someone wanted to make a Killer Klowns From Outer Space game, we all had the same initial reaction: finally!," executive producers the Chiodo Brothers said. "But nothing could have prepared us for the experience that the Good Shepherd Entertainment and Teravision teams were creating. We are thrilled by the sheer passion these folks share for the world of Killer Klowns and the care they have invested in bringing it to life in surprising new ways. We know our fans will be excited to be able to step into the oversized shoes of the Klowns for the first time… Because we are.”

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